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10 Must-Have Essentials In Your Car

To tell you the truth, I simply love lists. You know the best thing about them is that they are straight forward, simple, and easy to read. So, here, I have come up with a list of 10 things or essentials that you should always have in your car. I have tried to put it in the most simplistic and easy to read manner, just the way I like it. So, let us get started and take a look at 10 such things one by one.

First – First Aid Kit

Honestly, wherever, and irrespective of how much you travel, you should always have a first aid kit in your car. Pia, who works with a website that writes essays for you, says that your health and safety come way ahead of your car. The first aid kit must have Band-Aids, medicines for motion sickness, headache, or any other medicine that you think you would need, q-tips, Dettol, and a few other things that come handy in case of an emergency. Do stock them up, especially if you are going on a road trip or a long journey.

Second – Flash Light

It is easy to find an inexpensive and small flashlight in the market. You can even shop for it from Amazon. It could be any day when a flashlight comes handy. Flash Light is one safety essential that you might never use, but as a precautionary measure, it is always good to have one in your car.

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Third – Spare Tire, Tire Pressure Gauge, Jack, Lug Wrench

Dealing with a flat tire is not easy. The pesky tire change can be a mess, especially for ladies. But, you need to woman up and use this as an opportunity to tell the men out there that you are equally independent. However, you cannot depict your independence if you do not have the right tools for the drill. To change a flat tire, you would need a maximum of these four things. So, do ensure that you have all four them in your car. Lily, who offers online do my statistics homework services, says that you shouldn’t ever wait to have a flat tire to see if all of the essentials are present in the trunk.

One essential tip for all of you: keep a check on the air in your spare tire. If ever your spare tire is flat, you can be in a bit of soup. So, whenever you visit a mechanic or the guy who checks your oil, you can request them to check your spare tire too. You can buy a tire pressure gauge for anything less than $5. It is, indeed, a good idea to purchase it, and always have it available in your glove box. You can use it to keep track of the air pressure of your tire.

Fourth – Jumper Cables

Another essential that you cannot do without in your car is the jumper cables. It is always good to have a car that can help you with a jump.

Fifth – Water

Always stock your car with a minimum of 4 bottles of water. Water bottles will come handy, particularly during summertime.

Sixth – Proper Paperwork, Owner’s Manual

Chad, who offers online assignment help services, says that he always keeps his owner’s manual in his glove box. Some things will be new to you. For instance, how will you change a tire if you haven’t done it before? If you have an owner’s manual in your car, you can do it with ease. Additionally, you should have your car registration, insurance card, and license with you in case you get pulled over by a cop.

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Seventh – Duct Tape

Duct tape is one universal must-have tool in your car. You cannot go wrong with it. Having a tape on the light or a mirror, in times of emergency, can be quite useful. It can at least get you home safe.

Eighth – Spare Key

Always have a spare key with you. Please remember to store it in a safe location in your car. Moreover, invest in a magnetic key.

Ninth – Rags And Napkins

Next time you visit a takeaway or a drive-through, stash those extra napkins in the glove box. You never know when these will come handy to you. Make use of these napkins to clear the dust on the windshield, get rid of the coffee that you spill on yourself while driving, checking the oil status, cleaning hands, etc.

Tenth – One Pair Of Shoes And Clothes

Gigi, who offers the best machine learning course online, says that having an extra piece of clothing has saved her life on more than one occasion. You never know when you need it, so always keep a pair of extra shoes and clothing in your car.

So, these are the 10 most important things that you should have in your car. You might not need them every day, but as a precautionary measure, you should have them with you.

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