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3 Core Considerations To Keep In Mind While Contacting A Car Shipping Company

When you are relocating and moving your vehicle along, you need to be prepared for a lot of hard work. Moving a car is not only a time-taking process but the constant worry that your vehicle may get damaged in-transit makes it one stressful event as well. As per the best car shipping companies associated with Moving Feedback, car owners decide to drive a car on their own while relocating but it proves a damaging decision later on. Hence it is best to trust a car moving company to take care of the vehicle and deliver it safe and sound at the new address.

But, what do you discuss with the car shipping company? You must have already spent a lot of time making a list of the best car shipping companies but now you need to know how to move ahead with your selection process.

In this post, we have listed three core considerations to keep in mind while contacting a relocation company for the first time:


This is probably the one aspect of the move that you must be thinking a lot about. As much as you are concerned, discussing the payment with the car shipping company is equally important. You will have a lot of questions to ask about the payment procedure and more and experts suggest that it is best to clear all the doubt related to finances.  Some of the questions related to the payment that you must ask the car shipping companies include:

  • Do you offer a free auto transportation quote?

Although most of the companies offer a free quote, it is always better to ask than assume. If the company is charging something to offer the quote, it is good to be aware of it.

  • What would be the total cost of the entire transportation process?

The company would require a few details to offer you the total cost of the moving process. Details that the company would need to calculate the quote include the kind of car you have, the delivery location, additional services you would need, and more. When you get the quote and you agree to it, make sure you ask the company if they allow changes to the quote later.

  • What are the associated additional fees?

Unexpected moving costs are your biggest enemy. You must ask the moving company about all the hidden costs that you would expect during the entire process of moving the car. Ifthe moving company seems dicey in answering the question or avoid to answer, you must consider it as a red flag.

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Setting the transport for your vehicle involves a lot of legal documentation and you mustpay attention to it. It is not a great idea to burden yourself with a lot of document related worries, it is always better to ask a few details including:

  • Are you licensed and bonded?

Knowing that the company has the right license and is bonded is very important. You must ask the company or search on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) or the Department of Transportation (DOT) website to check the license and related information.

  • Is the company insured and does the insurance cover the vehicle?

Car during transit is exposed to a range of risks and while the moving company would try and minimize the risks as much as possible, accidents can happen anytime. If the company is insured, they will offer coverage for the car damage if any during the accident. If the company is hesitant in sharing the details of insurance, it must be considered as a red flag.

  • Is the company able to offer references?

You can easily read reviews online but talking to a reference offers you more insight into the company’s service quality and efficacy. Make sure you ask the moving company about references.

Details Of Auto Transport

While the first two points mentioned above will help you decide the credibility of the company, you must also ask a few questions related to auto transport:

  • Discuss the date of transportation.
  • Also, share the details of the location with the moving company so that they can offer you accurate details.
  • How will be the car transported? Know what type of vehicle the company would use and what the benefits of the choice are.
  • Unique details of the vehicle. The company would like to know which make and model car you have. Besides, they will also ask about the condition of the car and whether t has been in an accident?
  • What is the company’s preferred way to prepare the car for transport? Do they want youto be thorough about the cleaning or just work on minor aspects?

Moving a car is not a very easy process if you engage with a rogue moving company. Choosing a car shipping company over a DIY move is always beneficial. However, you must ensure that you hire the best professional help. Make sure you check the credentials of the auto shipping company before you hand over the car. Also, have all the three considerations in mind as you decide which company to hire for your next car moving process.

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