3 Things Your Car Dealer Is Not Telling You

Buying a car, especially your first can be particularly daunting. You would not want to spend hard-earned money, commit to a long-term investment scheme, or even trade in your current car for an unwise or expensive deal. Apart from the car model itself, the offer can greatly depend on the store and dealers. You have to remember that their goal is to make as much money as they can more than anything else.

If you have not done ample research, car dealers can easily sway you with attractive offers that might not be good in the long run. They’ll make it look like a steal and omit things that can make you second guess. Hence, here are 3 things that your car dealer will most likely not tell you.

Potential Safety Concerns

Car dealers are trained to market units as having negligible to no flaws at all. The slightest hint of risk at the get-go can quickly drive away potential customers. From a bad reputation of the brand or complaints of the particular model, they will most likely tuck such information away. That is why you have to do in-depth research not only of the unit but also of the manufacturer. For instance, law firm Schmidt and Clark provides detailed articles on automotive recalls, like when Ford recalls Ecoboost models from 2014-2017. In a nutshell, the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration discovered that the brake master cylinder of these units could potentially leak brake fluid into the brake booster.

Ford Focus RS 2017 PH 4

Selling More

If car dealers are made to choose between giving out a good deal or selling a more expensive one, they would most likely go for the latter. Even if you have set your eyes on a certain car model, they will have some more expensive and supposedly better choices to offer. They can make you reconsider upping your budget. Apart from that, they will introduce accessories and additional parts and make them sound necessary. However, that is not something to take against them since it is their job. You only have to be aware of this fact and own the ball – from limiting your budget to choosing car tires.

Best Time To Buy

In the car industry, the end of the month is usually a tough time for doing business. Inversely, this is the ideal time for you to purchase your car. Dealers have quotas to reach – if numbers aren’t doing well, they can provide affordable options or discounts to make a sale. You will find dealers to be usually easier to negotiate with during the last or the first day of the month. Hence, if you can wait for this time, you may get yourself a great deal.

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