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4 Cost-Effective Ways To Update Your Car

No one wants to drive a beat-up clunker that is an eyesore on the road. If you’re looking to make big changes to your car, you may find that it can be very expensive. The key to updating your car in a cost-effective manner is to start fixing little things and work your way up to adding spinning wheels and spoilers. Spruce up your ride by replacing broken parts, repairing paint jobs, fixing any deformities on the body, and adding affordable accessories.

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Replace Broken Parts

Replacing broken parts in your vehicle can be expensive depending on the part. There are some parts of your vehicle that are metal and can be repaired by a skilled welder like your muffler and then there are parts that must be replaced fully like your windshield. The good news is if you’re fully covered by your insurance provider windshield replacement can be free depending on your deductible.

If you live in Tampa, you can search for a Tampa windshield replacement company and they will get your insurance information and do all of the work necessary to give you an accurate quote. Once this process is complete they will come to you to replace your windshield at a time that is convenient for you, even if you’re at work.

Paint Jobs

Let’s face it, custom paint jobs are expensive. The more colors and flames you want on your vehicle the higher the cost will be. Start by looking for imperfections in your vehicle. Some small scratches can be fixed with a can of touch up paint. Touch up paint can come in a small tube that is similar to a nail polish bottle or spray paint.

Use a small needle to apply paint to smaller scratches. If you decide to touch up the body of your car with spray paint and accidentally create overspray on your vehicle don’t worry there are companies like National Overspray Removal that have the knowledge necessary to fix overspray mistakes.

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Body Work

Inexpensive bodywork is a possibility with the right dent and the right dent puller or winch. If you have a shallow dent on the body of your vehicle you can easily pull it out without damaging the paint with a dent puller. You can find dent pullers and winches in auto retailers and online from $20 to $200. The level of sophistication of the puller/winch increases as well as the price for more intense dents.

Affordable DIY Accessories

Accessories for your vehicle can be bought anywhere, online and in retail stores. Accessories to glam up the inside of your vehicle can range anywhere from a light-up shifter to a pair of fuzzy dice. You can find lights that are battery operated that you can hang on your mirrors and exterior of your vehicle.

Ensure that you’re in accordance with local laws when it comes to the color of the lights you decide to put in your vehicle. You pull your pay lots are great for adding accessories to your vehicle. You can find symbols and extras in vehicles that you can spray paint and add to the interior and exterior. Hub caps are common at these places and with a can of spray paint, you can transform any old hub cap into a work of art.

Sprucing up your vehicle does not have to break your bank. Before you add anything extra to the look of your vehicle, ensure that you’ve covered your basic repairs like your windshield, overspray, and muffler. At the end of the day, a $60 welding bill sounds better than a loud muffler.

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