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5 Classic Car Care Tips To Protect Your Collections’ Value

If you are the proud owner of a classic car collection, there’s no doubt that you often take your prized possessions out for a drive. And you probably already know that avoiding breakdowns is essential to enjoy your casual trip in your vintage vehicles. However, because vintage cars require a bit more when it comes to maintenance and ongoing care than what modern vehicles with a service and maintenance plan do, we have listed five classic vehicle care tips so you can keep your collection in top condition.

Keep Oil, Water, And Brake Fluid Levels Right

Whether you have a classic Ford Model A or a vintage mustang, oil, water, and brake fluid are essential auto liquids that you should keep in stock in the garage. It is essential to regularly check your vehicles’ fluid levels and bring these fluids with you on any trip, just in case.

Original Parts Only

Using off-brand parts in your vintage car won’t just damage the vehicle’s value, as it could also put your car’s performance and engine functions at risk. So be sure to find authentic Ford model A parts or original Ford Mustang parts for all your maintenance and repair needs. Whether you are managing maintenance and repairs on your own or sending your vintage cars to a classic car mechanic, it is definitely worth your while to ensure original parts are always used in your vehicles.

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Drive Your Cars Regularly

Even modern vehicles should not be left to stand in the driveway or garage for too long. Not only will this mistake damage the battery, but it can also lead to more pricey repair needs. As a rule, you should take your vehicles out for a drive at least once a month as this effort is even more critical with vintage vehicles to keep the engine running well. If you have several cars in your collection, you should rotate cars to ensure each is being driven regularly.


Correct Storage Is Essential

You may be able to leave your new Ford Ranger out in the driveway regardless of the temperatures outside, although you may not want to expose your new car to potential weather damage. However, this should never be an option for any of your vintage vehicles. Proper storage is essential as terrible weather conditions can damage the engine’s performance and lead to all sorts of costly problems.

Regular Cleaning

The cleaner you keep your vintage car, the longer it will last if you live in a cold area where the roads are salted or near the ocean, the salt can corrode the paint and metal quite fast. The best way to avoid damage from the weather is with regular and thorough cleaning habits. What’s more, routine cleaning will also help prevent rust and other issues that stem from neglecting a vehicle. Be sure to clean each car in your collection at least once a week with suitable cleaning chemicals that won’t damage the vehicle’s cosmetic condition.

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