5 Fast And Furious Car Myths You Should’ve Never Believed

There’s no car-based movie that has gathered the following that the Fast and Furious has. Adrenaline, fast cars, ripped actors, and beautiful women – the Fast and Furious franchise has everything a good movie should have, except realistic cars.

This isn’t to spite the achievements of the franchise. It has brought audiences some of the greatest cinematic moments in history featuring bonafide stars like Vin Diesel, the late Paul Walker, Michelle Rodriguez, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and Ludacris.

Fans of the movie, however, must have watched several car-action moments that made them scratch their heads in confusion saying, “Can cars really do that?” This article will be highlighting some of the car myths that have been perpetuated by the franchise.

Cars Can Survive High-impact Falls

How many scenes from the franchise do you see a car launch into the air at a fair distance, and when it impacts the ground, both the occupants and the car are just fine?

Although we love those scenes, they make no practical sense. At the very least, the windshields will break due to the impact.

Even if you modded your car with the best of modern technology, you wouldn’t be able to withstand that kind of falls. If you want to learn about realistic mods you can add to your car, check

You Can Drive Top Speed In Reverse

Every experienced driver knows this isn’t possible in practice, but the Fast and Furious franchise makes it look very believable in its second installment.

Cars aren’t designed to be fast when in reverse mode. It just isn’t a feature anyone would need. The front suspension of cars goes forward and not the other way around, preventing them from gaining any real traction in reverse.

Driving A Fast Car With One Hand Is Easy

This is another regular feature of the movie that isn’t applicable in real life. Car racing is an extreme activity that requires complete focus and attention from the driver. Firm steering control is crucial because the wheels become more challenging to control the higher your speed.

While Dom may not be bothered to keep both his hands on the wheel, expert racing drivers like Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton would strongly disagree.

Cars Can Easily Glide Under Trucks

This stunt appeared in two installments of the franchise – the first and the seventh. Although it made for a pulse-raising, cinematic moment, it isn’t a realistic stunt to pull. The distance between the underbody of a truck and the floor is just too small to take any car, no matter how small.

Even if a car could be modded to allow it to slide under, in real life, this maneuver would present a lot of problems. A slight miscalculation could destroy the car and at least cause some damage to the truck.

It’s okay to love the Fast and Furious franchise. A lot of people do. However, you should take all car action flicks with a pinch of salt. As you’ve seen, a lot of them work only in the movies.

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