5 Reasons to Consider a Tesla Model 3 for Your New Car

With the price of gas continually rising, Tesla Motors (formerly Tesla, Inc.) is on the Most Wanted list because they are all-electric vehicles. Yes, that could be a reason to consider a Tesla Model 3, but all Tesla cars are electric, so what makes this model the best yet? Here is some of what consumers and critics alike are saying. Bear in mind that this company is only about six years old, so their accomplishments are quite impressive! Let’s look at those five reasons for choosing the Model 3.

1. Impressive Safety Rating

This is one car you want to protect at all costs. Although it has an impressive safety rating awarded by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), you can’t always prevent accidents. You can only control your driving when behind the wheel and the Model 3 is said to be pushing the design of safety over current limits. If you get in a not-at-fault car accident, get the best legal representation you can find. It’s a beauty of a car which you will want to keep in prime condition. These first models are already collectors’ vehicles!

2. Low Probability of Injury

Another reason to buy a Model 3 is that there is a low probability of passenger injury – also as rated by the NHTSA. The car was designed to withstand injury and being rated so highly, you can be assured any occupants will be as safe as possible in a car within this weight and size category.

3. All Electric Architecture (Smaller Engine)

When driving an all-electric car, it’s imperative to have low weight and center of gravity. As well as having lower weight due to a smaller engine, the batteries are highly protected in a rigid casing. The smaller size and weight mean charging those batteries less often and that’s a very good thing! You can drive farther without trying to locate a charging station. This is something most drivers worry about when buying electric cars and why they often opt for a hybrid. With the Model 3, there is no need to go dual fuel.


4. Safest of All Tesla Cars with Autopilot Functionality

The first two models released by Tesla (S & M) didn’t fare well in terms of autopilot safety. There is a marked improvement of 43% and that means that you can finally get behind the wheel of an electric car with autopilot.

5. Stylish Good Looks

Then there is the fact that this little beauty really is beautiful! As if all the other features weren’t important, some people just like the way it looks on the road and how they look behind the wheel. It really is quite a sporty looking car and not the run-of-the-mill boxed look of most electric or hybrid cars.

Just remember to be alert when on the road because other drivers may not be as careful of your new car as you are. Keep that attorney’s number handy. It’s even possible someone will literally drive right into you because they are mesmerized by the sheer elegance of this little electric car. Style, safety and conservation all in one little package. What more could you want?

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