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5 Step Real Guide On Using Actuators To Automate Your Car

So, you have a car and want to enhance it. If your car is new, there are, probably, not many things to improve there. Ok, maybe, you would like to have a TV lift, however, with it, your car will become already impeccable.

If you have an older car model, many improvements might be needed. For most of them, you would need a mechanic though. The thing is that such improvements demand skills and knowledge. If you don’t know much about the internal structure of a car and don’t quite understand how all the internal components function, it might not be the best idea to start improvements on your own.

A TV Lift

We start with a TV lift because this is the only automation idea that can be implemented without specific skills and knowledge. With the needed linear actuators, you can handle it even though this project would require a lot of time.

So, here we go, with installing a TV lift in your vehicle. Start with choosing proper linear actuators:

  • Make sure the stroke length is suitable. The items shall lift and lower the TV screen to the needed level.
  • The lifting power matters. Even though you aren’t going to fix a huge TV set there, it will still not be very pleasant if actuators won’t be able to move it. So, check the lifting power of the items you are going to purchase.
  • Noise generation level is important. Of course, you are going to watch TV while the car is moving. However, if the TV lift generates more noise than the car itself, it will become annoying sooner or later. In other words, the more silently you can move the screen up and down, the better it is for your nerves and the nerves of your closest ones.

Now, when the items are purchased, you can start with the lift installation. Where would you like to fix it: in the front or in front of passenger seats? Fix the immovable actuator parts to the car body in the place where the TV lift is going to be. Hide the wires under the car lining (yes, you will have to cut it, hide the wires, and then, to fix it again. This will be the most time-demanding and challenging part of the project. Once it is done, fix a screen holder to the moving parts of the actuators. To the holder, attach the screen. Now, your TV lift is ready. We bet your passengers will not travel more willingly.

With a TV lift, the automation ideas aren’t over. The further projects, however, require more technical skills and knowledge. So, we will limit our instructions to basic information only.

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Automate Car Windows

If your car windows are opened and closed manually, you know that handling them is not the most comfortable process. You can automate them. To do so, you can use electric actuators.

To automate a window, you will have to install an actuator in the window lifting mechanism and connect it to an electricity source.

An Automated Trunk Adds Comfort

A car’s trunk is maybe not the part that attracts the most attention. However, automating it will boost your experience from using the vehicle. Just imagine the situation when it is raining or snowing, and you have to go to the trunk, open it, put things there or take them out, and then close the trunk again. If the trunk is automated, you just push a button, arrange the things, and push the button again from a safe place.

What About An Automated Bed?

Of course, this tip is usable only if you have a truck and love traveling. However, it has a right to exist. So, what about having a look at the idea?

An automated bed would increase the comfort level of your trips, and if done correctly, it doesn’t take space.

You can use actuators attached to the truck ceiling to make the bed lift to the ceiling and lower when you need to have rest. In this case, you might need to reinforce the ceiling to prevent the entire construction from collapsing on the passengers.

Another option is to install the bed on lifting columns. When in use, the bed is lowered to the needed level. When the bed is not needed, it is lifted to the ceiling. This construction is easier and more reliable.

A Car Roof

This project is for the most skilled ones. Or you can use the idea if you have a car with a manually removable roof. With actuators, you can automate the car roof and make it open and close with a push of a button. It will add value to your vehicle and will make it incomparably more convenient and usable.

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