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5 Tips For Shipping A Car In The USA – 2021 Guide

1. Research Your Needs

Comparing quotes is important, but never shop on price alone. Whether you are shipping Open or Enclosed transport, you ought to get at least 2 or 3 quotes. You can begin now with an instant quote online! But remember price is only one variable, look for ratings, reviews, and of course the company you feel the most comfortable with.

Making various quotes is an easy way to confuse yourself, especially if price is the only variable you are looking to identify, remember the market is fluid like any other, so the least expensive quotes typically will never move your car.

2. Open Or Enclosed

The majority of carriers on the highway today have open trailers, however as a licensed vehicle transport broker, we work with our clients to secure the best mode of transport for their needs; open or enclosed.

3. Have Flexible Pickup And Delivery Locations

If the pickup and delivery locations are in remote locations, distant from larger towns or interstates, you’ll spend more money to ship your vehicle. The cost-effective route to ship a car through this situation is to be adaptable and be prepared to bring the vehicle to a central location to incentivize a carrier. If you’re half-hour far continuously from the central interstate or larger city, you’ll normally manage by driving the vehicle the 30-minute distance to meet your chosen transporter. Common meeting places include rest stops, truck centers, and large shopping centers with ample room for the large trucks to turn around.

The Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show 2016 HR 43

4. Get Everything In Writing

Do not be impressed with low price quotes, make sure all quotes are emailed in writing to you with all the details surrounding your move, not just the cost. The quote must include important info like origin and destination, insurance details, and services rendered including loading and unloading.  After accepting a provider, make sure they provide you with a signed copy of the agreement.

5. Get A Bill Of Lading

Bill of lading may be a condition report issued by the transporter. The bill of lading acts as an acknowledgement receipt by the provider that they need received the shipment. The document should include the carrier’s name and signature, terms and conditions of the contract, consignee’s name, detailed description of the products, and special instructions, if any. BoL may be a legally binding document, and you’ll need it to report damages, if any. Remember if your vehicle arrives with damage that was not pre-existing, be sure to NOTATE the damage on the BoL before signing.

6. Be Flexible Your Pickup And Delivery Times

If you inform your broker that your vehicle must be picked up or delivered by a chosen date, you should expect to pay a premium for that. Typically you can choose to forgo the exact pickup date for a discount over the premium price if the broker or carrier doesn’t have the flexibility to accommodate your transport into their schedule.

Premium Tip: Largest brokers and carriers won’t be available to answer particular pickup and delivery dates regardless of what you’re ready to spend. We will always try to accommodate the exact dates desired but it is very important to be flexible. The easiest way to maintain flexibility in your delivery schedule (i.e. you’re running and your flight leaves on a specific day) is to ask someone who will be the pickup or delivery person for you. Normally, that’s a neighbour, family member or perhaps a local mechanic or dealership.

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