7 Ways To Treat Yourself With Luxury Car Ride

Different people experience cars in different ways. For most, cars are just a means of getting from point A to point B. However, there is a small but vocal minority of people who truly enjoy cars, the way they drive, and the engineering that went into building them.

There is no better treat for a car enthusiast than to spend a day with an awesome car. Because of that, we’ve ventured out to find seven ways you can treat yourself with a luxury car ride. Some of these are pretty easy to pull off, some aren’t, but you’ll definitely enjoy the results.

Uber Black

Scoring a luxury ride is much easier these days with Uber Black and similar services. All you really have to do is schedule a ride and pick a car that you’d like to try out. Of course, the main drawback to this method is the fact that you don’t get to drive any of these cars.

However, if you’re going for a luxury car ride, that usually means enjoying vehicles designed around the passenger, rather than the driver. Some would argue that the best way to experience something like an S Class or an Audi A8 is from the back seat. On the upside, you can enjoy a ride in any of the Uber Black luxury cars at a fairly cheap price. It’s just like standard Uber, only around 3 times as expensive.

Luxury Car Rentals

If you appreciate being driven in a luxury car, but would rather be at the wheel, there’s are always rentals. What kind of luxury car you’ll be able to rent depends on what’s available in your area. If you live in Miami, you can find all kinds of exotics. On the other hand, if you’re in Australia, places such as Perth Classic Charters have a stunning example of a Cadillac Presidential Limousine you can enjoy. While most rental places cover the most popular models, there’s also a matter of the owner’s taste.

These companies are run by car enthusiasts who might imprint their own preferences onto their fleet. Find a company that clicks with you and you’ll get to drive some of the nicest luxury cars out there.

Track Day Experience

So far we’ve mentioned ways you can get behind the wheel or in the back seat of luxury exotics, but none of these options give you a chance to push the car anywhere near its limits. There are luxury car rental places that specialize in track day experiences. The fee you pay usually covers a few hours of track driving, the ability to try out multiple cars.

The main difference between track day rentals and standard rentals is how you get to experience the cars. If you’re into casual cruising around town, a standard rental will definitely be a better option. However, if you appreciate the intricacies of automotive performance and all the engineering that goes into throwing luxury exotics around corners, track day rentals are the way to go.

One thing to keep in mind is that track day rentals are usually on par or more expensive than regular rentals, for obvious reasons. The risks involved are much higher hence the higher price tag on most packages.

Hotel Suite Packages

Some of the more exclusive hotels offer suite packages that are packed with all kinds of luxuries. Some of these packages include luxury cars that are made available to you free of charge. Or rather, the charge is there but you’re already paying for it through your hotel room. Naturally, this is probably the least cost-effective way of experiencing a luxury ride. That being said, if you’re planning on going on a vacation somewhere, you might as well treat yourself to a nice room and a nice car to go along with it.

Car Meets

Car meets are a great place to get in touch with people who share your passions. If you’re into luxury cars, you’ll often find people whose tastes align with yours. They say that networking is important in life. That piece of advice definitely applies to car meets.

Mingle with people and you might forge friendships with owners of some pretty exotic luxury cars. At that point, there is not much stopping you from becoming a part of their next casual drives.

Test Drive Cars At Dealerships

Although it’s in the gray area, test-driving luxury cars is a viable way to get behind the wheel of one of these rides. The key is finding a dealership that will allow you to go for a test drive without laying down some sort of collateral.

That being said, it’s all about the impression you leave on the sales staff. If you act like a normal person and show them that you’re a responsible individual, there’s a decent chance they’ll take you for a test drive.

Additionally, you can always pretend to be a successful business person which is a great way to slip under the radar and have a dealership let you test drive anything in their lot.

Get Invited To Official Test Drives

This last one is a bit tricky because it requires your name to appear on some very exclusive lists, but it’s not impossible. Car manufacturers will often hold test-drive events for new luxury cars as soon as they hit the market.

People who get invited are usually celebrities and car journalists and bloggers. If you’re passionate about cars and care to develop a serious blog, you could easily find yourself on one of those lists in the future.

Getting an opportunity to drive luxury cars can be a memorable experience, especially if you’re passionate about cars. We’ve shown you some of the best ways to get that opportunity, which include both conventional and not so conventional means of achieving this goal.

The thing to remember is that reaching the steering wheel of a luxury car isn’t as impossible as one might think. You can either pay for the experience or you can get there using some less than honest means, but it’s doable.

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