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Can You Reduce The Price Of Insurance Using Car Trackers?

Insurance premiums are steadily rising for everyone and show no sign of ever going down again so it stands to reason that you as a motorist will want to do everything you can to keep insurance costs down.

Insurers will always want to be assured that a car owner is taking every possible precaution to protect their vehicle which after all is one of the most expensive purchases you can make in life.

When you apply for motor insurance one of the questions you are asked is about any anti-theft devices fitted to your car. The more of these you have the more likely it is that your insurer will offer a discount on your premium. Most cars have alarm/immobilisers fitted as standard but these are not always effective at preventing break-ins or theft. One of the most effective deterrents you can have and which will also reduce your insurance premiums is a car tracker. Read on to find out how a car tracker can save you money.

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What Your Insurer Looks For

Your insurance company is looking for anything which not only makes it difficult for anyone to break in and steal your car but also whether you have anything in place which will make it easier to recover your vehicle should it be stolen. So this means that any increased security you can add will equal a much greater deterrence and decreased risk.

A car tracker is one of the best defences against theft especially when you get one which is the right one for your vehicle and which is professionally fitted. Car trackers experts such as those at  Trackershop can provide car trackers to fit all vehicles and all budgets and they will use considerable knowledge of tracking devices to recommend which device is the right one for your needs. Your insurer should take into consideration the fact that you have a tracker fitted and will reduce your premium accordingly.

Protect Your Car 24/7

Whether you drive for leisure and social purposes, for work or as a professional driver you can be sure that having a tracker fitted will offer the highest level of protection wherever you are. Most car trackers provide European coverage and some even provide worldwide coverage so if you take your vehicle abroad you can be sure of complete peace of mind with 24-hour monitoring from your mobile or another device.

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If The Worst Should Happen

A car tracker is one of the most effective deterrents against theft because no car thief wants to run the risk of having their every move watched and tracked. Some tracking devices send an alert to the local police or central monitoring centre as well as to yourself the minute your car makes an unauthorised move. A car tracker also greatly increases the chances of your car being quickly recovered if it was stolen. From your insurer’s point of view, this means any payout they have to make to you is likely to be smaller than if the car had been stolen and not recovered. The advantage to you is that this reflects in lower premiums for you.

Take Advantage of the Latest Technology

Advances in technology are being made all the time and the trackers recommended by experts are at the forefront of the latest developments in car security with motion-sensing technology working alongside 24-hour a day monitoring. Some trackers are able to pinpoint your car’s location even if it has been hidden away in an underground car park.  The latest trackers can also help you monitor and modify your driving style to improve fuel economy – something else your insurer will look favourably on.

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