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Common Mistakes You Should Try To Avoid With Your Car

Cars can be quite a pricey investment, which is why good maintenance is essential. If you don’t take care of your vehicle, then you’ll probably have to pay for costly repair jobs far more often than you’d like.

Fortunately, it’s not too hard to keep on top of car maintenance, provided you know what warning signs to look out for. If you’re informed about when to get things checked and what mistakes to avoid, then you’ll rarely have to worry about things going wrong. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know.

Do Regular Oil Changes

The newer the car, the less frequently it requires an oil change. However, while that might be the case, that doesn’t mean you should avoid doing it until absolutely necessary. After all, you don’t want to risk that leftover oil potentially damaging your vehicle. It’s advised that you change your oil every 5,000 miles minimum, although this could be different depending on the car you drive. It’s worth finding out what the manufacturer suggests to ensure that you do things correctly and keep your vehicle healthy for longer.

Wash Your Car

You’ve probably seen what happens when people don’t bother to clean their car regularly – they get “wash me” written in the dirt. However, this is the least of someone’s problems if they don’t bother to maintain their vehicle’s cleanliness. Allowing the dirt to build up on your car can do irreversible damage to the paint job, making it appear than it actually is. Combine that with the potential risks of not being able to see properly out of your windows and mirrors, and it should be clear that washing your car isn’t just some menial chore. Don’t make the mistake of avoiding it just because “a little dirt never hurt anybody”.

Keep Track Of Your Keys

It’s human nature to lose things that you need. Mobile phones and keys are the stuff that we seem to misplace the most, which isn’t great given how often we use them. Obviously, a good way to prevent you from losing your car keys is to be more careful about where you put them, or to invest in spare car keys. However, if they still manage to disappear into the ether, this car key repair service could help you out. 3D Autokeys know how often people lose their keys, which is why they provide replacement car keys and car key repairs to those in need. With the largest stock of auto locksmith parts in the country, they’ll always be able to save you from getting locked out.

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Check Tyre Pressure Regularly

Without tyres, your car will never get anywhere. Of course, it’s not simply enough to attach four wheels to your vehicle and hope for the best. These tyres need to be well-inflated – although not too high – otherwise, you’ll run into trouble. It’s a good idea to check their pressure every couple of months to see whether or not they need any adjustments. Doing this not only reduces the risk of a flat tyre, but it also stops you from using more fuel than is necessary. We’d say those benefits are definitely worth the effort.

Have Frequent Fluid Checks

Have you ever thought about how much fluid it takes to get a car working properly? Obviously, you have to worry about oil, but there’s also stuff like coolant and brake fluid to consider too. These are just as important to your vehicle as what gets the engine going, and without it, your car will suffer. That’s why you need to remember to check these other areas too, because if you don’t, it could impact your maintenance bills. As for how often you should change your car’s fluids, that differs depending on what you drive and what needs changing. However, your vehicle’s manufacturer or a mechanic should be able to clear up those answers for you if you’re worried about doing things wrong.

Inspect Your Brakes

It’s become a cliché in drama shows for someone to get in a road accident because their brakes were cut. As tired as that trope may be, though, it does demonstrate just how vital a purpose the brakes in your car serve. Without them, it’s incredibly difficult to slow down, so it’s essential that you inspect them regularly to ensure they still work properly. They’re not suddenly going to betray you overnight, but if you delay checking them out, you could start to have issues on the road. Just listen out for any abnormal squeaking sounds and speak to a mechanic if you’re worried about what they mean. Doing this could stop your brakes from wearing down and damaging the rotators, thereby saving you a lot of money.

Swap Out Wiper Blades

How often do you think you should change your wiper blades? A lot of drivers would probably say that it’s not a pressing issue and so they rarely need to do it. However, you should change your wiper blades yearly, if not every six months. As with any part of your car, your wipers deteriorate over time, so you can’t expect them to provide a perfect performance year after year. Given that these things can make a huge difference when you’re driving in bad weather, it’s vital that you don’t take them for granted. Either change them every year, or whenever they look cracked and leave streaks, and you shouldn’t run into any problems on the road.

Don’t Defrost With Water

Winter can be an annoying time for car owners because of all the frost. It’s not uncommon to wake up to ice on your windows and windshield during these colder months, which is a nuisance if you’ve got places to go. People who are rushed for time often look for shortcuts to quickly remove the ice, including throwing warm water over their car. However, this is a foolish mistake to make because it could cause a lot of damage. The reason for this is that the sudden change in temperature can create cracks in the windscreen, which you definitely want to avoid. If you’re worried about frost, just wake up a little earlier and use an ice scraper or turn the engine on. That’ll save you from having to fork out on a new windscreen later on.

Replace Your Air Filter

A healthy engine is a happy engine, and anything that keeps things this way is obviously ideal. There’s plenty you can do to take better care of your engine, including replacing air filters when they’ve surpassed their usefulness. Ensuring that your car always has an effective air filter in place is good for many reasons, from increased fuel efficiency to prolonging the life of your engine. However, a lot of drivers overlook this element or delay replacing it, which leads to reduced car performance and potential damage. It’s not that difficult to swap filters out yourself – although mechanics will happily do it for you – just make sure you buy the one that’s right for your vehicle. The manual should tell you what to look out for.

It’s easy to make mistakes when it comes to car maintenance because there’s just so much to keep track of. It’s important not to become complacent though. Just because these tasks might seem like little things, that doesn’t mean they won’t have a major impact on the health and efficiency of your vehicle. Make the time to do these little jobs and you’ll see how much of a difference they can make.

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