Common Types Of Car Accidents And How To Handle Them

Ending up in a wreck is stressful and upsetting no matter what the circumstances are. However, understanding the situation a little better can be helpful if you or someone close to you gets into a car accident. There are a few different types of accidents with different causes and varying potential outcomes and understanding these can be helpful in the aftermath.

Regardless of the type of accident, some of the most important steps to take are to call the police, get in touch with your insurance company and consult an accident attorney. However, knowing who was responsible, how the accident occurred, and what potential injuries may have been sustained can all impact the direction you should take immediately afterward. Here are some common types of accidents:

Single Car Accidents

A single-car accident involves only one driver, and this by default sounds like the driver must be the one at fault, but that’s not always the case. While there can of course be instances where a driver is distracted and drives off the road, they swerve to avoid hitting an animal or pedestrian, or perhaps something goes awry in the mechanics, there are also instances where another driver could be the one responsible for the accident, and the exact cause of the crash might impact your insurance claim.

T-Bone Or Side-Impact Collision

When the front-end of one vehicle hits the side of another, it’s considered a T-Bone collision. These types of crashes commonly occur at intersections and are often caused by careless drivers skipping red lights and ignoring stop signs. Side-impact collisions have been known to have more severe physical repercussions than other types of accidents, which commonly involve neck and spinal injuries as well as a concussion, which is something to watch out for straight after an accident like this.

Head-On Collision

When two vehicles meet head-on, the effects are bound to be devastating. This is another type of accident that can typically present more urgent physical consequences and can often be fatal. Safe, conscious driving and awareness on the road is a key factor in avoiding these types of accidents, as well as most others too.

Rear-End Collision

Another common result of negligent driving in the form of inattention is a rear-end collision, where the front of a vehicle crashes into the rear-end of another. This type of accident is typically more dangerous for the driver who crashes into the rear-end, but the collision can of course cause serious issues for both parties involved.

Types of accidents aside, the best mindset is to try to avoid any type of collision at all costs. Though of course, an accident can be unavoidable in some instances, or the fault of another driver entirely, anyone on the road should be aware of their surroundings and take any precautions possible to ensure safety on the road. Check out some more tips here for ensuring your own and others’ safety when on the road.

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