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Do you really need a van tracker?

A vehicle is an investment, not only because it adds to our assets, but also because it gets us from point A to point B, making our journey more convenient and saving us the time which is supposed to be allotted for the commute. Nowadays, there are a lot of avenues to protect our vehicular investment. Have it maintained regularly, purchase insurance, and one of the most recent additions, having a van tracker. 

What is a van tracker?

Most of us think of van trackers as small devices that only serve to track the whereabouts of the vehicle in real-time. But the truth is there’s so much more to it than just that. Van trackers can significantly make things more efficient and can even increase profit. Below are the most notable benefits of having a van tracker:

  • Check the behaviour of the driver and see if he’s being idle
  • Correlate which van is closest to the intended destination
  • Identify the shortest, most efficient route
  • Track the fuel usage
  • In advanced van trackers, the device can also see the general health of the vehicle, allowing you to identify if a check-up is already required
  • If the van tracker is insurance-approved, you can even reduce the insurance premium, significantly increasing your savings. 
  • Have top-notch security since some trackers are also linked to the nearest police station, decreasing the response time when a theft is suspected. 

Do you really need a van tracker? 

If you own a fleet of vans for your business and do not have a van tracker, then you are missing out. Some of the most advanced van trackers only cost around £9.99 per month. When the van tracker comes with the abovementioned benefits, don’t you think the cost is just a small price to pay?  Not only will you be getting more security, but you’ll also have the chance to increase your income. 

At this point, you might be asking – what if I only own one or two vehicles and don’t use them for business? Do I still need a van tracker? If this is the case, a van tracker is still advisable, though you don’t need business grade types. You can have the ones which, when called by your phone, will ping the specific location of the vehicle. Of course, the other features explained earlier can still be available, so it’s truly up to you. 

How to choose your van tracker?

Barring any financial constraints, the first thing to consider when choosing a van tracker are the features that you would like to acquire. It’s not wise to have the most advanced trackers which have all the features above, especially if you don’t have fleets of vans, so take your time in selecting the features that can be maximized. Next is to choose between buying and renting. If you buy your tracker, a one-time payment is expected, but you won’t get constant upgrades or the support of the agency, which you will get if you rent and pay monthly dues. 

Having a van tracker is a way of protecting your investment, and the sooner you get one, the better you are protected!

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