Forms Of Entertainment In GTA 5

Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5) is one of the most popular and successful entertainment products in human history. This of course is not a surprise to many people. The game franchise has a lot of main and side quests that all types of players find enjoyable. However, these are not the only entertainment forms that GTA 5 has to offer. It has many other interesting things that you can do.

It is a vast and broad entertainment product. There are many activities that you can do in the city and some of them are totally separate from the main story of GTA. Some of this entertainment is impactful while others are not really game-changing. In any case, we have considered some of these forms and have decided to highlight them for our readers.


Hunting is one fun and entertaining activity that you can do in GTA 5. Boar, deer, coyote, and birds are some of the animals that Trevor Philips can hunt. You just find your way into the Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness where you will meet Cletus between 5 am and 5 pm.

You can forward a picture of your kill for cash to Cletus or you can just text it to somebody else for a puzzled response. Some shots earn more such as the ones in the neck, heart, or head. However, you should be extremely careful here as there are cougars usually lurking around so watch out.


The main form of entertainment available in GTA 5 is racing with cars. Apart from racing formally based on tasks and requests, you can also pull next to somebody in a regular car at a red light, beep your horn and instigate them into a street race. However, you can roleplay as anything you want in the quests and this is especially enabled by the game’s RP servers. As highlighted on, this is made possible by the modding community.

Experimenting With Vehicles

Another available form of entertainment on GTA 5 is experimenting with vehicles. Fire trucks can spray water, forklifts carry cars, and tow trucks tow all kinds of things. These are the different categories of vehicles that can be experimented with on GTA 5.

Playing A Round Of Golf

There are some notable sports in GTA 5, and they serve as a form of entertainment for players. On many, you can even bet within the game, but in real life, there is always to help you meet your betting needs. The platform helps players with comprehensive reviews of each bookie, ranking them based on the services they offer, such as convenience and promotions like best welcome bonuses and odds.

In GTA, gold is a sport that is particularly exciting. The GTA 5 Golf simulation is remarkable and also challenging. On most greens, par is a difficult accomplishment. Furthermore, the eighteen-hole links have enough variety which is good for multiple rounds. Thus, you can have the best time on GTA 5 outside the main and side quests by playing a round of golf.

Going To The Movies

Another form of entertainment available in GTA 5 is going to the movies and you can even get rewards in the process. There are many short films that you can see and enjoy yourself in Los Santos’s Theaters. Usually, these films are a combination of satire and crudity. However, you can find all of the GTA Online Solomon movie props to help the studio head. For your efforts, you earn rewards along the way.

Playing Tennis

Tennis is another sporting activity that we have in GTA 5. Just like it is with golf, the game’s tennis simulation is also exceptional and quite challenging. The game is quick and like an arcade-style of tennis. In addition, it is about positioning and prediction just as you have with real tennis. The players also have great control over ball spin as well as direction on returns.

Internet Browsing

Another form of entertainment on GTA 5 is internet browsing. You can surf the internet and have a fun time outside of the main and side quests that the game has for you. provides you with a list of some notable websites in the game, including the secret ones.

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