Golf Carts – Still Fun On 4 Wheels

As with everything in life, not all consumer products are created equal. This is as true for golf carts, golf cart accessories, and golf cart parts as it is for your kitchen oven. To the avid golfer, the choice of a golf cart is no minor consideration. One doesn’t want to ruin a perfect day on the course by facing the humiliation of having their golf cart towed back to the clubhouse.

There are many factors to consider including the price, gas, electricity, batteries, and warranty.  To help with this decision, a compilation of 10 of the most popular golf carts is given below.


Freedom RXV Elite Lithium

The Freedom RXV is a high-tech electric entry that is powered by 56-volt lithium batteries. It has enough power for 36+ holes and can move well for that dash out of the rain. It is stylishly designed and is available in 8 different colors. It sports a spacious dash, an automatic parking brake, independent-front suspension, and seats two. It retails for about $7,800. It has a great 8-year warranty on the batteries.

Express S6 72V

This 4-seat golf cart has a rugged and stylish feel to it. It runs on a whopping 72 volts of lithium power. It comes in 8 colors and has a shaft direct drive. It has plenty of long-lasting power. It retails for about $12,600 with an 8-year warranty on the batteries.

Express S4 Gas

To round out EZ-GO’s offerings with a gas model is the Express S4 Gas. It is a stylish and spunky looking cart that looks like it would be at home in rugged 4-wheel-drive territory. It’s powered by an air-cooled 4-stroke 24.5 cubic inch engine that produces 13.5 horsepower (HP). It seats 2 and is available in 8 colors. It retails for about $8,950.

Club Car

Precedent i3

The Precedent i3 is a two-seat cart full of features to simplify the life of a golfer. It is available as a 14 HP gas or a 48-volt electric model. It has many bells and whistles including tournament software, 3D flyovers, and USB ports. You might say it’s a high-tech solution. It is available in 5 colors and retails for about $11,000.

Onward 4 Passenger

The Onward 4 Passenger has room for 4 with the rear seats facing backward. It is available in 4 power options including gas, standard electric drive, high-performance electric AC drive, and high-performance electric AC drive with lithium-Ion batteries. There are many other options for the suspension and canopy. It comes in 11 different colors and retails starting around $9,300.

Villager 4

This four-seat cart is as home on a campus as it is on a golf course. It is available in a 14 HP gas or 48-volt electric-powered model. The two rear seats face backward and it sports the tightest turn radius in the industry. The starting retail price is around $10,400.


Drive2 PTV

This gas-only entry can carry four passengers with the rear seat facing rearward. It sports a Yamaha-built 357cc single-cylinder engine. It is available in 1 standard glacier color and 7 metallic body colors. It retails starting at around $8,200 and has a 4-year limited vehicle warranty.

Drive2 Fleet

This two-seat beauty features new body styling and is available only as a gasoline-powered model. Like the Drive 2 PTV, it uses the same 357cc engine. It is available in 9 attractive colors and is capable of 15 MPH on the straight-away to that last long shot. It retails for about $6,200 with a 4-year limited vehicle warranty.

Drive2 Concierge 4

As one may guess, the Concierge 4 seats 4 with all seats facing forward. It uses the tried-and-true 357cc engine that the Drive2 PTV and Fleet use. Also, like the Drive2 PTV and Fleet, it is available in 9 colors and it’s roomy, plush, and comfortable. Its styling says “class” every step of the way. It retails for about $10,300 with the same standard 4-year limited vehicle warranty.



Wrapping this up with a mega-luxury entry is the Garia Monaco. It is as elegant as it is high tech. It can go from the golf course to your favorite restaurant in a flash. It is an electric two-seat model and one can safely say it’s the Ferrari of golf carts. It looks the part well. This all comes at a price, since it retails for around $22,000.

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