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How GPS Tracking Can Improve Security

In the UK, car theft, which had been in decline for some time, is back on the rise again. In fact, it has been increasing year-on-year since 2013, and in 2016, around 300,000 vehicles were stolen. This is thought to be because thieves are developing new countermeasures to modern security systems that had previously been effective.

At Trackershop we believe that GPS tracking can significantly improve vehicle security, and the Home Office agrees – in their 2016 report ‘Reducing criminal opportunity: vehicle security and vehicle crime’, they state that GPS tracking devices are “highly effective” as security measures – however, unfortunately, only a minority of vehicles are fitted with them. Here’s how GPS tracking can improve the security of your car.

A Tracker Is An Effective Deterrent

There are several stages to car theft, from the initial scoping out of a target, determining a time to make the attempt, breaking into the vehicle, and finally making away with it. There is little you can do to prevent thieves from choosing your vehicle as a target, but a GPS tracker can serve as a deterrent should a thief unfortunately decide to try to steal your vehicle.

Thieves prefer easy, low-risk targets. If the thief sees that your car is fitted with a GPS tracker – and they would likely look for one both before and after they managed to gain entry to your car – this may put them off actually stealing the car. The presence of a GPS tracker means it’s more likely that they will be caught, and less likely that they will be able to sell the car, should that be their intention. They are likely to simply cut their losses and move on to a vehicle with weaker security.

Real-Time Location Monitoring

With real-time location monitoring, you are able to check up on the location of your car at any time using a mobile app. In fact, many apps integrate with Google Maps. The tracker will record all details about the movement of the car – including where it went, what speed, any stops that were made. This is what puts thieves off – they know their movements are being recorded, making it more likely that they will be found. Real-time location monitoring also makes it significantly more likely that your vehicle can be recovered in the unlikely event that it is stolen.

Ignition Disabling

Many GPS trackers are able to disable the ignition of your car remotely. This means that if you suddenly realise that your car has been stolen, you can disable your car and prevent the thief from driving it from that moment on. They would have no choice but to exit the vehicle and escape on foot. From here you can contact the police who can recover your vehicle for you.

Tow Detection

Many thieves try to get around on-board security devices such as ignition disabling by simply towing the vehicle away. They would then take it to a workshop where they have more time, privacy and equipment to circumvent the vehicle’s security systems. Many GPS tracking systems have a way to defeat this tactic – they can instantly send out a notification should the vehicle move without the ignition being on. This signals that the car is being towed and you can contact the police immediately.


Although car theft is on the rise, particularly of high-end vehicles like Land Rovers, the Home Office believes that GPS trackers present a highly effective solution. They offer a range of top-quality trackers. If you’d like to learn more about the types of tracking devices available and what might be best for the security of your own vehicle, please contact Trackershop.

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