GTA Online: All The New Diamond Casino Heist Cars And Vehicles

GTA: the latest Online Diamond Casino Heist brings new cars with it for you to purchase and push. We are going to walk you through them all, how much they cost and what they will do. But before that you can have a rest playing betway online  casino.

What New Vehicles Diamond Casino Heist Has To Offer?

The casino heist doesn’t send you new cars like other updates before it, it just adds new ones to the in-game shops for you to buy (assuming you’ve got the money). Nonetheless, the latest upgrade introduces a total of 12 vehicles with different numbers, speeds and abilities for you to save on. We’re going to look through them in depth for the moment so here’s the whole rundown for now.

  • Maxwell ASBO
  • Vapid Retinue MK II
  • Karin Everon
  • Maxwell Vagrant
  • Lampadati Komoda
  • Ubermacht Rebla GTS
  • Blazer Lifeguard
  • Lifeguard
  • Boxville
  • Stockade
  • Bugstars Burrito
  • Fire Truck

In The Diamond Casino Heist Update Are There Any New Planes Or Helicopters?

No, this could change in the future too. As part of the same update, rockstar have also made additional changes to GTA online, such as introducing new weapons to arena war after the update has already been released. To add more credit to this hypothesis, twitter user foxysnaps has found several unreleased vehicles in the game archives, and although none of them look like they can drive, they include what looks like a formula 1 car and some kind of miniature tank.

Where To Get/Buy The Latest Diamond Casino Heist Vehicles

These new vehicles can be ordered from one of the three websites of the game – Southern San Andreas Super Autos, Iconic Motorsport and Warstock store and Bring. All of these can be reached by going through your phone (up on the D-pad), clicking the internet icon and opening the travel and transport page. Once inside, you can simply choose the car you want to buy (assuming you’ve got the money). Moreover, you can try royal vegas casino as alternative to GTA.

What Are Trade Rates And How To Access Them

The majority of available cars have both a normal price and a trade price, the latter being essentially a discount offered to those meeting those requirements. Various cars have varying requirements for getting certain trade rates, but you will figure them out by going to the car’s website and clicking over the exchange price button to the mouse icon. In the top left a box will appear asking you what to do to unlock it (if the buy symbol is greyed out, first pick a paint job for the vehicle, then try it).

Southern San Andreas Super Autos Cars

TheMaxwell ASBO ($408,000/$306,000) just a thin, ugly hatchback (which still costs more than a quarter of a million dollars), the Maxwell ASBO has better stats than other cars of its size, offering essentially a dirty, cheap-looking frame with a half-decent engine.

Vapid Retinue Mk II ($1,620,000/$1,215,000)

An upgraded version of the original Retinue, the Mk II is heavier, more boxy and has a more powerful engine crammed under the hood suspension for what looks like a regular commuting car is also shockingly strong.

Karin Everon ($1,475,000/$1,106,250)

Oh, look – a truck that is giant! The Everon is a big pick-up for driving around or around other vehicles then just riding right through them.

Maxwell Vagant ($2,214,000/$1,660,500)

How much does it cost a vehicle that is practically without all the doors and windows?! The Vagrant is, though, a bouncy buggy built to pull itself up and down the mountainsides. If you’re chasing buddies up mount chiliad, this is the car with which to do it.

Legendary Motorsport Cars

Lampadati Komoda ($1,700,000/$1,275,000)

A big, wide sedan that manages some truly amazing acceleration, the Komoda suffers when it comes to braking. I suppose he really wants to sprint until he can walk.

Ubermacht Rebla GTS ($1,175,000)

One of the few vehicles without a trade price option, the Rebla GTS is a very big, voluminous luxury car that is not as good as the komoda, even in terms of size.

Warstock Cache And Carry Cars

Blazer Lifeguard ($62,000)

The cheapest vehicle available (though it doesn’t have a sell price option), the Blazer Lifeguard is a very compact quad bike built for sand usage.

Lifeguard ($865,000)

The Lifeguard is a car built to drive on sand, keeping the trend running, giving it decent traction even on hard surfaces. It even has an on-roof surfboard, so encourage your mates to stand on it and see how long they can last when you head down the highway.

Boxville ($398,000/$298,500)

Who wouldn’t buy… well… a utility van? Okay, this isn’t a supercar per se, but it’s tall, it’s durable and it has free front cones. Who doesn’t wear necklaces?

Stockade ($2,240,000/$1,680,000)

Well, honestly this one is a little useful. As is the word brute plastered on the front, the stockade is an armored vehicle which makes up what it lacks in speed in terms of toughness.

Bugstars Burrito ($598,500/$450,000)

We’re going to be honest, there’s nothing really to advertise about a vehicle that can be described as ‘capable’ except on its website. If you don’t want to risk street points or destroy a wasps’ nest, you certainly don’t need an exterminator’s truck that costs $5million.

Fire truck ($3,295,000/$2,471,250)

Yeah, it’s just… it’s a fire vehicle. How can we say more? It’s so large that nothing short of a rocket is going to drive it over, and it comes with a water cannon to taunt npcs all over town. NOW instead of calling 911 and waiting for a hijacking, you will get one to own yourself.

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