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How Can I Protect My Car From Damages?

Whether you love your car or simply use it to get from A to B, no one wants their car to get damaged. Damages can make your car look scruffy, cost a lot to fix and cause long-term problems. While you can use a claims service to repair the damage, it’s preferable if your car isn’t damaged to begin with.

Unfortunately, some damages are difficult to prevent. However, there are many things that you can do to reduce the likelihood of damages occurring. So, what can you do?

Get Regular Checks

Car checks are essential in finding any faults or damages. But how can car checks prevent them? Regular checks will assess whether there are certain areas of your vehicle that look a little worse for wear. Checking your tyres regularly, for example, will ensure that they have enough tread and are well inflated. If not, you could experience further damages and costs later.

Park Somewhere Safe

Many houses have driveways and garages which allow you to park safely. However, not everyone has this luxury. If you have to park your car on the road, make sure you pick somewhere appropriate. High crime areas might increase the risk of vandalism, and parking too close to another car could lead to scratches or dents.

Abide By The Speed Limit

First and foremost, you should abide by the speed limit for safety reasons. But, alongside this, abiding by the speed limit will reduce the risk of damages. Driving too quickly over pot-holes could damage your tyres, and the faster you drive, the worse the damages will be if you crash. So, always check the speed limit and follow it at all times.

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Use Your Lights

Cars are fitted with different lights that allow us to see better in difficult conditions. So, protect your car from damages by using the correct lights. This means that you’ll be aware of any hazards ahead and can avoid them. How can you prevent your car from getting scratched or smashed if you can’t see what’s happening around you?

Avoid Bumps

Speed bumps are put in place to stop people from driving too fast. If you drive over them too quickly, you will damage your car. While you might not notice the damage immediately, over time your tyres will lose their wear and cause fatigue on the suspension. So, keep an eye out for speed bumps. They’re most commonly found in areas near schools and on narrow roads.

The Right Fuel

Most cars need fuel to keep them going, whether it’s petrol or diesel. However, putting the wrong fuel in your car could lead to serious damages. You may need to repair your car’s fuel system or replace the fuel pump. Don’t take the risk. Make sure you know which fuel your car needs before filling it.


While cars can seem invincible, they will struggle with heavy weights. So, avoid overloading your vehicle and check the maximum authorised mass before using it on your camping trip.

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