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How To Choose A Suitable Home Garage Car Lift

Are you tired of lying on the floor of your home garage for routine repair and maintenance of your car? Or you want to accommodate your two vehicles together in the place of one.

The modern residential car lifts provide a solution to your problems. They offer a safe and comfortable workspace within your home so you can enjoy adequate storage capacity for two vehicles in your home garage.

A car lift is essential to perform car fixing procedures from the downside of your car. A car needs to be lifted in situations where the wheels, axle, and suspension systems are assessed and moderated. Car lifts make the impossible work possible without using them.

This car lifts for home garage article by provides a comprehensive guide for buying residential car lifts.

Design Features Of Different Kinds

Four-Post Car Lifts

This type of lifts is gaining popularity among hobbyists and homeowners because they are quite stable. They do not need floor anchorage and feature on-ramps at the back end to drive the car on it before elevation. You can move those temporarily and are sturdy enough for stacking cars.

Open-Front Lift

A space at the front beam that is horizontal recognizes it. This feature gives easy, direct accession to the suspension system of the automobile. It is because of a little reinforcing structure at the front.

Closed Front Lift

This lift has the closed horizontal altitude beams at the four ends. It makes the suspension system of wheel challenging to reach.

Such lifts come with two kinds of weight-bearing ability:

  1. Lighter Weight Capacity: They can elevate cars that weigh up to 9,000 pounds. They are perfect for smart cars and midsize vehicles.
  2. More substantial Weight Capacity: They can raise the cargo to 40,000 pounds and suitable to bear the burden of trucks.

Two Post Car Lifts

It has two posts, each located on the opposite side of a vehicle. It contains arms so that you can lift the car from the floor. Both posts have arms that can raise the vehicle when needed. There are two types of 2 – posts lifts:

  • Asymmetrical ones contain posts having angled positions with arms, and these are located at a specific angle in front of the gravity center with different sized arms. More extended arm expands to the back and shorter arm to the forefront of the backside.
  • Symmetrical ones have two armed posts located near the car’s gravity center on both sides. Both arms have an identical length to distribute the load evenly.

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Which Points To Be Considered Before Buying Residential Car Lifts?


Automotive lifts help to raise one car so that the second one can be parked beneath it. It is beneficial for the home garage because it has restricted space to allow only one car. These lifts make the best use of available vertical space. They are safe, easy to operate, and bear heavy loads. Another purpose of car lifts is to facilitate repair and maintenance from their downside. The required lifting height is determined by the use for which you are buying the car lift.


Car lifts optimize minimum space in residential buildings and can fit into one bay space. The area should have a clearance height of 11 – 12 feet. Consider the available space with the minimum and maximum lifting height and width of the car lift.


You will require professional car lift installation services, which may cost up to $1000. If you want to do it yourself, remember that this is critical and complex work. It must be done with accuracy and precision to avoid drastic results.


Buying a car lift is an expensive deal. Therefore, consider a durable product that will not cause damage to your vehicle. There are some low-quality and unreliable products available in the market. So, buying a car lift from reliable manufacturers is the best option. It is better to purchase an excellent quality car lift from famous and reputable brands.


People tend to choose unnecessarily more heavy lifts, which makes them waste their thousands of dollars for no avail. An objective approach towards selecting a lift, appropriate with your car weight, is to choose a lift 2000 pounds heavier than your car.


The width of the car lift must be appropriate for the model of your vehicle. If you intend to use the same car lift for different cars or intend to change your car model, consider them before deciding on the car lift.


A vehicle lift performance is determined by several factors, including fast and smooth lifting action, flexibility, durability, and portability. You can get information about several car lifts with the advantages and disadvantages before deciding to buy one.


Different manufacturers offer different characteristics in their residential car lifts. You may compare these features and select one according to your requirements as well as the model of your car.


The car lifts must be upgraded and installed the following safety features:

  • Locking bars: They will lower any vehicle smoothly and gradually.
  • Automatic lift locks: These locks physically hold the lift at the time of elevating to prevent a sudden drop.
  • Hydraulic cylinders: They are installed to keep the car and stop it from dropping in case of a power failure.

Poorly constructed car lifts without these safety features may threaten your life and damage your car.


We have summarized all you should know before buying a car lift for residential purposes. Consider these points to get the best for the money.

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