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How To Extract Precious Metals From A Vehicle’s Catalyst And Why You Need It

A cat is a rather expensive components of a vehicle. Its high price is justified by the content of valuable metals: platinum (Pt), palladium (Pd), rhodium (Rh) coating the surface of a structure resembling a honeycomb in the metal box. If you wouldn’t mind to receive some money for your old, used, and worn-out catalyst, you can sell it.

Besides, many people wonder, is it possible to extract precious metals from a catalyst? The answer is yes, but you need to be attentive, careful, and concentrated. In addition, this is always a kind of a lottery, because you can’t know for sure, how much platinum you will extract.

You should keep in mind that the thickness of the catalyst layers varies depending on the model, producer, and initial price of your cat. The more expensive it is, the more expensive metals it contains. But not always you have to pay too much for vehicle’s components of good quality. If you have decided to replace a catalytic converter, visit in USA and get the best variant among over 24,000 items. There are convenient filters to select the best variant quickly.

Why Platinum From Vehicle’s Catalysts Is Highly Valued

Platinum is quite a rare chemical element. The cost of this silver-colored metal is several times higher than one of gold, since it requires much more resources to be obtained. Besides, a high price is explained by the fact that platinum is practically not found in nature and has some advantages:

  • High durability. This material is impervious to corrosion, aggressive chemical media, and high temperatures.
  • Hardness and as a result resistance to any external factors. Platinum is widely used in the production of exclusive jewelry.
  • Can be used in its pure form. This advantage is especially valuable in many industries.

Exactly due to platinum it is possible to reduce toxicity of exhaust gases. This metal converts hazardous substances into harmless carbon dioxide, nitrogen, water vapor.

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How To Recover Platinum From A Catalyst On Your Own

If you have decided to experiment with extracting Pt from your device, make sure that this precious metal is truly contained. Some producers replace platinum with less valuable gold. But if you are using a converter purchased in America or Europe, you have nothing to worry about.

The most common platinum extracting technology is so-called leaching. It requires putting your worn-out device into a solution made of highly concentrated hydrochloric and nitric acids with a temperature of 212-221 °F (100-105 °C). After this you need to rinse the converter many times. The resulting mixture contains platinum particles. There is a small disadvantage: you loose a certain amount of the required metal. That’s why some people say, that for gaining platinum with the help of this method you need more than one old catalytic converter.

Also pay attention that the exact amount of platinum depends on how much the cat has been worn out. The longer it has been in use, the thinner layer of precious metals it has.

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