How To Get Your Car Into A ‘Like-new’ Condition 

Whether your car is a decade old, or it’s spent only a few months in your possession, it’s important to keep it well maintained at all times. For many motorists across the USA, their car is a symbol of themselves; an extension of their personal brand which they enjoy showing off and taking for a spin. As such, taking care of that investment, and keeping it looking as dazzling as possible, is the best way to demonstrate your status and the care you take of your possessions. Read on to learn how to make your car look ‘like-new’ this spring.


We’ll start with the most important feature of your vehicle – what most other people perceive when they’re looking at your vehicle: the paintwork. It’s through the paintwork, with its reflective quality and its uniform color, that your car impresses passersby, so it’s a natural feature to keep in good condition all through the year. You can do this, especially with more expensive vehicles, at Executive Auto Detailing firms, which help you work out those tiny dents, chips and niggles in order to make your paintwork gleam as if your car is brand new.


Perhaps passersby are least concerned by your car’s interior, after all, it’s not in their view, but if you want to feel like you’re driving a brand new car, having the interior feel brand new is incredibly important. That means taking an overview of your interior to see where dust, mud and other detritus has gathered, and using a vacuum cleaner and some wet wipes to ensure that your interior is spotless all year-round. You can also take your car to a professional valet to enjoy these services, too.

Ford Focus RS 2017 PH 1

The Engine

This is a part of your vehicle that you may be less sure about meddling with yourself. But the logic goes that the more you use your car, the more worn your engine becomes. This is especially true if you’re not driving your vehicle in the right way, or if you’re neglecting to put high-quality fuel and high-quality engine oil into your motor. The advice here is to switch to the best brands in both, and to take your car for regular services with garages that you trust, in order for your engine to fire on all cylinders throughout the year.

The Wheels

Finally, your wheels, and the tires that they support, are a prominent part of your car, and they’re one of the parts of your vehicle that’s most exposed to wear and tear. For instance, whenever you climb a curb, you’re likely to mark a part of your tire or the rims that support it, leading to a scuffed look which is certainly in contrast to the like-new paintwork you’ve achieved. As such, find some replacement hubcaps in order for your wheels to look as new as possible – and don’t be afraid to replace your tires regularly, too, to help your car function in all weather conditions.

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