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How To Keep Your Car In Good Running Condition During Covid-19 Lockdowns

Are you worried about how to keep your car in good running condition during the pandemic lockdown? Find out more about it right here!

With a global pandemic on our hands, it’s easy to forget about our cars sitting idly in our driveway or garage as we stay home to curb the spread.

The longer a car sits idle, the more risk it is to be permanently damaged. Either that or you’re going to be handed a repair bill that will make you wonder why you need a car in the first place.

It’s imperative to be active when it comes to maintaining your car, especially during this pandemic. Not only will the battery die out, but the parts inside your vehicle will start to get damaged beyond repair as well.

Luckily, we’re here to help you with that. We’re providing a list of ways you can keep your car running in good condition during a worldwide pandemic. Let’s get right to it!

Keeping The Battery Charged

Car owners are aware that car batteries discharge over time. They also know that an easy way to prevent your battery from dying out is by driving your car at routine intervals.

You might be wondering – how will I know how often I should take my car out for a spin?

Well, that depends on several factors like the condition of your battery, your car’s age, the local climate, and whether your vehicle is parked outdoors or indoors.

For example, a new car with a new battery sitting inside a garage will fare well against an older car that’s parked outside. Remember that in cold climates, the battery tends to drain much quicker.

Just starting or driving your car once a week is enough to recharge the battery and prevent it from dying out.

Don’t Forget The Lube!

Besides driving your car around to keep the batteries from dying, it also helps the mechanicals and engine from drying out. When a car is sitting idle for too long, fluids begin to dry up, seals can start to dry out, and oil will begin to settle.

By taking your car out for a short drive, you’re helping to keep all the parts like the brakes and transmissions moving and the fluids flowing. So, it’s essential to keep your car lubricated, and going on a drive helps with that!

An idle car sitting around for three or four weeks will have too many issues developing. All that can be avoided by simply taking your car out once a week.

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Drive To Avoid Flat Spots

Tires have known to lose pressure over time. So, if a car is sitting idle for too long, the weight alone can cause flat spots to develop right where the rubber meets the concrete floor of the garage or the paved driveway.

These tires with flat spots need to be thrown out and replaced immediately with new ones. Thankfully, a weekly driving routine will help prevent your tires from having flat spots and keep your battery charged!

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Make Good Use Of A Trickle Charger

A trickle charger is a device that can plug into any standard wall socket and attaches itself to the car’s battery terminals. In other words, this is a great device that will help to keep the batteries charged if you are unable to drive the car regularly.

Batteries drain quickly in high-priced cars, and having a trickle charger is an excellent and vital investment. It’s also essential to evaluate how regularly you’ll be able to drive your vehicle. Whether you can drive periodically or rarely, you’ll need to take precautions beforehand.

Choosing A Safe Parking Spot

Whether you’re parking for a short or long time, it’s important where you park your car. Absorbent surfaces like dirt or grass can cause the moisture to move up into your car’s undercarriage and cause rusting.

Parking on pavements is safe and most ideal, but gravel is also a pretty good alternative if you can’t. Remember to park in a safe space and try not to leave your belongings inside the car for long periods!

Be Careful Of What You Park Underneath

Parking under a tree is a bad idea unless you want to deal with sap. Tree sap and bird droppings can wreak havoc on your car paint and will be a nightmare to clean up after a long period of being under a tree.

A few things happen when your car is left under a tree for a long time. The heat and the UV rays from the sun, along with the tree sap, will weaken your car paint compound, making it more susceptible to rust and damage… Even the acidity in bird poop can damage a car’s paint if it’s left unattended for long periods.

So, if you can, try to avoid parking your car under trees that are likely to drip sap or in a space where birds tend to hang out. You’ll save yourself the trouble of having to get a new paint job done.

Avoid Using The Parking Brake

Another thing you should avoid is to leave the parking brake on for long periods. To keep your car running in good condition, you must avoid leaving the brakes on – as that can cause the rotor and brake pads to fuse or stick together.

Even though this is not a big deal in most cases, it’s smart to avoid it altogether, especially when it has rained recently because the moisture is what causes the parking brake to stick together.

Save your Car, Use A Car Cover!

Lastly, using a car cover is the most basic and best way to protect your car. Just remember to clean your car thoroughly before you use the cover. The car must be dry and clean, as debris, dirt, and moisture under the cover can do more harm to your car’s exterior.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, we’d like to say that this is a difficult time for all of us. Having to practice social distancing and adapting to the many changes that are happening is not easy.

However, think about your car’s well-being for a minute and think of the investment you’ve put behind it all these years—the service it has given you and how it made your life easier.

We hope our tips help you maintain your car’s condition during this challenging time and keep it running smoothly! After all, you’re going to need it once this pandemic is over.

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