McLaren Go From Being The Joke To Cracking Jokes

We love it when Formula 1 teams add humour to the sport, of course. This time, we loved McLaren’s prank on the Day of the Innocent Saints. They’ve gone from being the joke of the paddock to cracking jokes. Well, we call that progress – something that McLaren-Honda haven’t experienced in a few seasons.

If you were the power that controlled Formula 1, what would be your ONE resolution for the sport? In this week’s episode, Mithila and Kunal shared theirs and they found it difficult to limit themselves to just one, but they did.

Sauber Asking Mercedes For The Wrong Favour?

With the Sauber-Wehrlein rumours, Felipe Massa’s workout pictures and Bottas’ reported visit to Mercedes factory, we wonder if Mercedes need to make an official announcement at all. Anyway, if we were Sauber, we would ask for Mercedes engines over a Mercedes junior driver. Tune in to know why!

Lastly, there’s talk about Formula 1 cars racing at 450kmph and Ferrari’s exploring of a new livery and new engine technology. All in all, let’s hope for a happy new season as we also wish all our listeners a Happy New Year!

Jorge Lorenzo For Bernie Ecclestone’s Job?

Oh, and before we forget, former MotoGP World Champion said the smartest thing about Formula 1 and MotoGP. Can someone make him the CEO of Formula 1 already?

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 Tune in!

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