Professional race car drivers are extremely

The most important thing to learn from a professional race driver is not speed but safety. Racers are
trained professionally to avoid a crash in slippery conditions. An average driver can also find themselves
in a situation where he must keep his calm and aim towards the spot where he wants to move the car
and then slowly turn in that direction. This can help prevent collision with another vehicle.

3# Using Brakes Properly
This could be a handy tip for any regular driver as it can help prevent rear-end collisions. Many people
prefer to use their left hand instead of right hand. Similarly, there are people who prefer to use their left
foot. Many successful professional race car drivers use their left foot for the brakes. This may not seem
like that it makes much of a difference, but it does. When you are driving at such high speed even a
millisecond early response can help you avoid a crash. Braking with right foot takes more time compared

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