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Rust Removal Techniques For Your Car

If you’ve got a car and you want to make it last longer, you’ll need to learn the many different rust removal techniques for your vehicle. You can use these techniques right from the time your car is brought in or purchased. Here are just some rust removal techniques depending on the kind of rust your car has.

1. Surface Rust

One of the first and new kinds of rust you’ll see on your car is surface rust, which would look like cracks, scratches, and paint knicks. Surface rust usually forms when your car gets damaged by UV rays, and the paint starts breaking down–a natural wear and tear. At first, it won’t cause much problems but for a prolonged period of time, it can hurt your car.

You can remove the rust by doing a general paint repair. First, use sandpaper to take out the surface paint. Once you see the metal, you should use the best rust converter or inhibitor and apply it to your car. The rust should be knocked off at this rate, but there might still be some iron oxide on the surface. Your rust converters will be the one to convert iron oxide into compounds resistant to moisture and will protect the metal underneath from further rusting.

2. Contaminated Parts

If your car is exposed to rust for a long time, it might cause the metals to become brittle and

have holes. Moreover, if you don’t act on it, the rust will start eating through the metals of

your car. To remove the rust, you can replace the parts completely. On the other hand, if you

can still recover it, it may still be possible to weld metal patch panels into the affected parts.

3. Scale Rust

Another type of rust is called scale rust. It pertains to the rust that’s already penetrated through the metal and reduced the strength of your car’s metal. If you start seeing bubble forming over the paint of your car, then it’s a sign that you already have scale rust. You might start seeing rough damage on the surface that look like scales.

To remove this kind of rust, you’ll need a wire brush, which you’ll use to knock off the rough parts and smooth out the surface. When you do this, make sure that there’s no rust left anymore before you seal the metal back again.

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How To Prevent Rust On Your Car?

Once you’ve taken out the rust on your car, make sure that you do everything to prevent it from happening again so you won’t need to go through the whole process again. Here are just some of the ways on how to prevent your car from rusting.

1. Choose Your Parking Space Carefully

It’s important that you choose your parking space carefully. Parking in places with a lot of dirt, dust, or grass can expedite the formation of rust on the surface of your vehicle. So, choose a parking space that’s clean or on a paved road. The best option would be parking indoors. If you can’t park indoors, then you can try buying a car cover and put it over your car every time you park your car to make sure you minimize exposure to dust.

2. Do Regular Cleaning Or Car Washing

With a busy lifestyle, you might neglect washing your car regularly as part of your regular maintenance for your car. However, if you don’t wash your car regularly, solid debris will start to collect on the surface and underneath your car. Ultimately, this will result to rust. So, make sure that you schedule time to have your car washed every other week just to make sure that it’s always clean.

3. Spray Your Car

After cleaning your car, you can use some anti-rust pray to treat it before rust catches on again. You can either bring it to your car service provider to get some rustproofing spray or buy anti-rust spray from the hardware store. This will minimize the risk of rust forming on the surfaces of your car. The spray should be effective to protect your car for up to one year. So, it’s advisable to do some rustproofing treatment for your car every year.


Rust can pose a big problem for your car if left unchecked or untreated. Now, you know the rust removal techniques for the common types of rust. If you notice some of the kinds of rust enumerated above, you can follow the guide to remove the rust. Afterwards, prevent rust from forming again in your car.

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