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Six High-Tech Safety Features In Motorcycles

Riding a motorcycle is regarded to be one of the most dangerous modes of road transport. Although there are several risks on the road for all vehicles, motorbikes are prone to most. As a result of these dangers, motorcycle manufacturers have improved several safety features on bikes to mitigate unforeseen accidents and keep the rider’s safety in mind. Here are a few safety features, most of which many are not aware exist.

Choice Of Tires

When riding a motorcycle, your safety does not solely rely on the vehicle but rather depends on the type of wheels you have fitted on the bike. Playing as a link between the road and the vehicle, tires are essential. Always keep in mind the purpose of a tire is to carry the entire bike’s weight, transfer engine power onto the road surface, absorb any abnormal contact, and ensure proper grip under any weather conditions. A good quality pair will prove durability and protect you for a long time. The type of tire will depend on the type of motorcycle you own, for example the best motorcycle tires specifically for cruisers will differ from those needed for a dirt bike.

Airbag Apparel

Airbag apparel may not be fitting in the vehicle, but it is an excellent high-tech gear for motorcyclists, protecting them from any catastrophic injuries during an accident. A few years ago, this technology was something riders would dream about, and today it’s starting to gain much popularity. In the same way, airbags deploy in a car; the airbag apparel deploys immediately upon sensing the first impact, protecting the rider’s shoulders, back, kidneys and chest.

Motorcycles Now Have ABS Systems

You may be familiar with the ABS system in cars, and for many years it’s been a car-only technology. An anti-lock brake system is a great safety feature, allowing drivers to maintain traction during challenging breaking moments, preventing a crash. Nowadays, motorbikes are built with ABS systems, reducing bike accidents, with instant stops and impact evasion stats improved by 31 percent.

Motorcycle Radar Systems

To help drivers correct errors when maneuvering, monitor, and alert dangers in blind spots, radar sensors are fitted in vehicles primarily to indicate when it is safe or not to make a decision. Such features help drivers avoid front and back collisions, control distance, assist with breaking and parking, amongst many more. Such technology is developed and manufactured in the latest motorcycles as a safety mechanism to help riders avoid collisions with other vehicles or objects.

Motorcycle Light Systems

Accidental bike crashes are less likely to occur when it is visible to other vehicles on the road. With a wider beam spread, the motorcycle becomes brighter and more visible, making it easier to be noticed. LED strobe lights are an example of different kinds of lights available. This technical feature helps bike riders avoid being run over by vehicles changing lanes at the same time they’re overtaking during traffic by sending out pulses of bright light.

Improved Helmet Tech

Improving one of the most critical bike safety pieces of equipment is crucial to a safer future for bikers. The helmet is continuously becoming advanced through aerodynamic designs, more robust materials, and increased comfort. The latest helmet features include camera technology that makes riding more enjoyable, with rear-view camera features making the ride safer.

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