Speciality of the Omega Seamaster planet ocean watches

A watch is a timepiece which is designed to show the correct time to plan our work accordingly. A wrist watch was designed to wear around the wrist attached by a watch strap customarily, watches provide the time of day which displays every hour, minute and second. The dive watch is the timepiece that is designed to be taken underwater while scuba diving and it is used as a tool to monitor the elapsed dive time of the divers.

There are a wide variety of dive watches in the market but one of the topmost and the best dive watches is the omega seamaster planet ocean watches which are automatic professional Swiss made diving watches which were designed by Omega SA in the year 2005. These watches have some special features like 600m/2000ft of water resistance and helium liberate tap with the chronometer guarantee. Helium release valve which is also known as helium escape is generally found in diving watches as it provides functionality for professional divers who reach depths for a long period of time or it is also used in saturation diving.

As per the research it is one of the greatest dive watches all the time and it used by most of the divers. The automatic feature of the watch provides the natural motion of the wearer to provide energy to run the watches automatically without any manual windings. These watches usually displays the time in the analog format and it is used my most of the professional divers.

Different versions of the Omega Seamaster Planet ocean watches

The first version of these watches was introduced in the year 2005 and it was the first diver watches with a feature of co-axial escapement. There was two types initially chronograph and non-chronograph options. The first generation of the planet ocean watches had a best design influence of it bezel, hands and the dial. The first generation planet ocean watches had an aluminium bezel which was either in black or orange. Being the top tier diving watch, the planet ocean watches are all water resistant which double the resistance of the seamaster time. The first version watches had different colours of bezel and numerals but the entire model had an analog display, luminescent hands and unidirectional rotation bezels.

The next version of Planet Ocean watches were introduced in the year of 2011 which had a beautiful transparent caseback and a ceramic bezel with lots of upgrades in the movement of the watch. The coaxial escapement organ gained 13% larger power from the twin main spring barrels which were made up of diamond like carbons in order to reduce the friction and the next version planet ocean watches had several other extraordinary features in it. The variants made by the diamond, gold and titanium were also produced.

In 2016 the planet ocean watches got further improvements in the face, case and the bracelet and these watches were equipped by the master-coaxial calibre which was the most important feature in this type. These remarkable features in the watches led to the achievement of the META’s Master Chronometer certification for these watches which made the planet ocean watches the first and the best watch in the history which is able to provide a resistance to the magnetic fields of 15000 gauss and water resistance up to 600m/2000ft with a helium release valve. These watches have a long life span without any type of issues or problems in it.

Advantages of using the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean watches

The omega seamaster planet ocean watches are not like the ordinary watches and they are specially designed for the usage of watches under the water. These watches have a special feature called water resistance which makes the watches to work even inside the water. These watches are clearly built for diving purpose but it can be also used during swimming, sailing and any other sports related with water. These dive watches are used the professional divers to monitor their elapsed dive time. These watches are the first and best-selling watches online and preferred by professional divers and many celebrities.

These watches have a great quality and style which gives a stylish and luxurious look to the wearer and the planet ocean features like the scratch resistant sapphire crystal and a silicone balance spring improves the resistance to the shock and magnetism. These watches are worn by both men and women and it usually comes in three different sizes like 43.5mm, 45.5mm and 37.5mm. The last mentioned size 37.5mm is mostly be the best choice for women. These omega seamaster planet ocean watches are available on many online websites at an affordable price and these watches would be the best choice for divers who are interested in scuba diving and other diving sports.

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