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Staying Out Of Trouble On A Motorbike

There’s not much like the freedom that riding a motorbike affords to you. You can feel the elements, the environment and the roar of the cars driving by your side. Some might say the road can’t be truly experienced unless you are on the saddle of a motorbike. That’s true, but another truth? It’s the fact that you are unsafe when you’re on a bike. Nobody wants to put you off of riding, but it’s dangerous and dangers lurk around every single corner. You cannot take safety for granted when riding a motorcycle, not at all! Here’s how you can stay out of trouble when you’re on two wheels.

Firstly, get your gear. You know for a fact that you cannot legally ride a motorcycle without a helmet, but did you know that these helmets have an expiry date? Over the years, the materials within a helmet erode and weaken – meaning it will not protect your skull from impact. Replace your helmet if it’s aging. Remember that helmets are a one impact device, which means if they are hit, they don’t work the same anymore. Even if you drop it, a helmet could be ruined. Store your helmet safely and ensure you replace it.You’ll also need a jacket, pants and boots – made out of rough materials to protect you from bumps, slips and spills. Ideally, you want to escape a crash with bruises and broken bones being the worst-case scenario. This can be the case if you ensure you are wearing the correct gear. Casual clothes will not help you on the back of a bike and you’ll come to some serious harm if you fall from the bike without wearing the correct protective gear.

Ideally, you want to be vigilant on the words – actually, this is a necessity. While the frame of the car might protect you from a road traffic accident while driving a car, there isn’t as much safety on offer on a bike. What you do have, is maneuverability. Meaning you can get out of some tricky situations, but only if you are paying attention to the road ahead of you. If you aren’t vigilant on the road call Craig Swapp or someone like him, because you’ll be needing some legal help, by the sounds of it. Your best bet on two wheels is to simply be vigilant at all times; your quick thinking might be the thing that saves your life while on the open road. Making rapid decisions can only happen if your attention is fully on the road, so don’t get distracted – your focus needs to be on the road while you drive from A to B.

Apart from that, you’ll need to ensure your motorbike is operational. The steering needs to be responsive, but you’ll also need to check the tires often. If they are worn, replace them – they are the only things keeping you on the road. Staying out of trouble on a bike? It’s mainly about common sense, if you don’t have that – stick to public transport.

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