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Tech In Cars: 6 Things You Will See Very Soon

Wondering what’s next when it comes to the future technology of cars? From autonomous vehicles to cars that monitor heart rate, technology is bringing advanced features to the highway. Technology changes personal transportation significantly with each passing year, and what is compelling is the priority drivers place on owning cars that offer the latest and greatest technology. Take a look at 6 new car technologies you will see in the next few years.

Autonomous Vehicles

It may be hard to fathom self-driving cars if your car is so old that only one of the auto junk yards would want to buy it. However, autonomous cars are being developed and expected  to be permitted on the roads in the next few years. Autonomous cars are capable of sensing the environment and navigating without human input. This technology offers drivers greater convenience and comfort and drastically reduce the number of crashes resulting in death.

Biometric Vehicle Access

The last few years have seen the switch from keys to keyless entry and up next is a key-fob-less entry. Before you know it, it will take nothing more than a fingerprint to unlock and start your car. There are many ways cars change over time, and this is one change that many will embrace. The change is fueled by not only technological advancements, but also increased safety regulations.

Remote Vehicle Shutdown

OnStar already leverages this technology regularly – the system has shut down thousands of stolen cars. Many drivers are still unaware of this feature, but OnStar’s ability to turn off stolen cars ends police chases quickly and with relatively no drama.

Smart In-Car Marketing

You already are shown ads on Facebook and Twitter based on your behaviour. In the next few years the average car will be connected to the internet, so your vehicle will give marketers a powerful set of metrics to customise their messages. Don’t be surprised when you start getting location-based, personalized ads in the display of your car.

Active Health Monitoring

Ford is already toying with the idea of steering wheel or seatbelt sensors that track the driver’s vital statistics. The recent surge in wearable technology means many cars will wirelessly team up with these devices. A reason why active health monitoring is such a great advancement is that it gives cars the ability to pull over and call the paramedics if the driver has a heart attack.

Driver Override Systems

Not quite autonomous technology, cars will soon have the ability to disregard your commands and actions to make an executive decision about what is best for the car and its passengers. There are cars that will stop if you fail to apply the brakes. This increase in sensor technology means if a driver fails to apply the brakes when needed, its override system will stop the car.

Automotive technologies that once seemed like science fiction are now becoming a reality as awareness increases and the demand grows. In the next few years, we will see car technology continue to expand at a blistering pace making getting from here to there more convenient and safer than ever before.

Alyssa writes for Junk Car Medics, a service that pays cash for cars across America. You can learn more about Junk Car Medics on Facebook and Twitter.

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