The Amazing Potential of Telematics 

Nowadays, telematics – a technology combined of telecommunications and informatics – is mainly used in transportation. A key feature lies in the tachometer based on telematics, which should make the traffic more secure. Since the EU regulation 165/2014 entered into force, new vehicles need a built-in intelligent tachograph, often called tachograph 4.0.  It offers many control options to the driver, the company, the workshop and the authorities.

Several studies revealed that “Intelligent Transport Systems” (ITS) they recognize potentials to design mobility in its variable manifestations for both the economy and the single vehicle owner in a stable, efficient and sustained way. ITS are used to provide intelligent technical solutions as contribution to more security on the streets. In detail, it denotes the gathering, transfer, processing and utilization of traffic-related data.

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By integrating ITS-systems into each and every company vehicle of a fleet and its integration in private vehicles, several targets should be reached. Next to increasing the efficiency in the existing infrastructure, an increase in road safety as the number of accidents happening decrease. With the help of ITS, it also becomes possible to streamline the routes, thus preventing traffic jams as well as empty run which in turn decreases the environmental pollution through the output of CO2 – one of the most dangerous greenhouse gases.

Professional Assistance in Fleet Management

A telematics system offers various advantages not only in adhering to legal provisions but also to streamline the guidance of the vehicle fleet and the strict observation of the driving and rest times of the driver.

The telematics company FleetGo focused on developing an end-to-end solution with high-quality software, powerful hardware and cloud platform.  The Dutch company has developed an intelligent telematics solution that is easy to use for the fleet manager, gathers all relevant data such the current location of the vehicle and its speed, many technical data such as the rate of rotation, the fuel consumption of the vehicle, the data of the tachograph and the battery level. Additionally, it records an inappropriate behavior of the driver. All the data just mentioned become relevant when the company needs to prove a lawful conduct to the supervisory authorities. Moreover, the gathered data are later converted into easily to understand real time data and reports.

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For FleetGo, the high-end technology tips the scale. The unique selling proposition of their end-to-end solution lies in developing, owning and operating a complete infrastructure from hardware to cloud platform. 65% of the budget is invested in Research & Development – further improving and optimizing its telematics solution.

Downloading Tachograph Data with Remote Access

Already in 2012, the first tachographs with a possibility of a remote download of the .ddd data from both the company and the driver cards has been built. FleetGo was one of the first European companies who made it possible to download the data per remote access without infringing the strict European legislation.

Right from the beginning, the company used external tacho-download-solutions.  In the last years, FleetGo developed together with their customers much knowledge and experience in this field.  As they constantly work on improving and developing their solutions further, the following version of the digital tachograph is meanwhile available on the market.

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