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The Easy Guide To Buying A New Car

Buying a new car can be a super exciting experience! However, unless you’re a seasoned motorist or mechanic it is prudent to do your research before you splash your cash.  We’ve put together a list of checks to complete to avoid handing over your hard-earned dollars for a dud on wheels. Read on to find out what you need to know

Check Insurance

Before you even start looking it is a good idea to shop around for car insurance quotes for the kind of make and model you’re planning to buy. This way you won’t have any nasty surprises when you go to insure your new vehicle! If your quotes will push your budget over its limit, you’ll know that you need to select a different type of car.

Figure Out How Your Payment Plan

There are several ways to purchase a new car. If you have the money to buy it in full upfront then great! However, a lot of people prefer to lease cars these days, particularly if they like to have the latest model on the market. If this is something that you would prefer to do then you’ll need to have a solid credit history for the dealership to offer you a loan. If you’re happy to buy an older car that is second (or third, or fourth) hand, then be prepared to have all of the money to pay at once. Most dealerships don’t like to offer long-term payment plans on older vehicles, and if you’re buying from an end-user they will expect the full amount of cash before you leave with the car.

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Check Milage

The number of miles your prospective car has done is super significant. Generally, the fewer miles the better, but if it’s been kept in good working order don’t be scared by milage over 100,000. While the rule of thumb is to want lower miles, it’s also important to check that the mileage is not too low. This can indicate that a car has not been used often, which may sound like a dream but leaving cars locked in garages for years can often do more harm than good. They need a run-around every so often!

Check The Cost Of Gas

Gas costs can be sky-high – particularly at the moment with worldwide shortages still prevalent. Unless you’re buying an electric car, gas will be a high expenditure for you. You’ll want to purchase your vehicle depending on the distance to plan to travel each week. Whilst Diesel is more expensive to fill your tank with, it is more economical than gas in the long run as you use less per mile. If you travel long distances, it may be prudent to consider a diesel-run vehicle, although beware, they are not very environmentally friendly. If you only travel for short periods think about investing in an electric or hybrid car.

Are you buying a new vehicle soon? Let us know what else to look into before purchasing.

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