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The Most Important Thing Drivers Need To Know This Winter

Early sunsets, condensated windows, busy roads; these are all things that make driving in the winter particularly hazardous. Road safety statistics show that there is always an increase in the number of accidents over the winter months and these are just some of the reasons why this is the case. However, there is one thing especially that drivers need to be aware of in the coming weeks and months: maintaining a safe stopping distance.

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KwikFit recently did a study to show how long it takes for vehicles to stop in snow and ice. As you might expect, it takes significantly longer for a car to come to a halt in these conditions. Slippery surfaces mean that it takes ten times longer for your vehicle to stop should you need to slam on the brakes. At 30mph, it takes 23 metres to come to a halt on a dry road. It can take as much as 230 metres to perform an emergency stop in snow or ice. These numbers are even more alarming when you are driving at 70 mph on a motorway. Here, KwikFit revealed that will take up to 771 metres to come to a complete stop.

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If you are driving too closely to the vehicle in front of you, this obviously leaves you and the other driver at serious risk. It is important to maintain a sensible distance from other vehicles around you when the roads are icy, as well as driving at a lower speed. Although there are, of course, many other things you need to take into account before driving in the winter, such as checking your tyre pressure and ensuring you have the right equipment, being careful of your stopping distance can mean the difference between a safe journey and a treacherous one.

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