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The Top Reasons People Junk Their Cars

Every day more people than ever are asking themselves the same question, ‘is it time to junk my car?’ You might be torn between paying for the repairs or deciding to take it to the junkyard. On one hand, you have the possibility of driving the car you know and love for a little longer or junking it and getting cash there and then for your trouble.

It’s not an easy position to be in. So, knowing the top reasons why people choose to junk their cars might help you make your decision. Read on to find out more about junking your car.

It’s Too Small

When families grow, the room in their car shrinks. And when you have more kids than car seats, it’s usually a sign that your car needs to be junked. If you need to say goodbye to your faithful three-door and branch out into mini-van territory, then the money you’ll get for junking your car could help pay for this (difficult and expensive) transition.

You Want Better Safety Features

As cars get older, their safety features are often dwarfed by their modern counterparts. Seatbelts, side airbags and better structural integrity are what you can expect from more modern vehicles, leaving older cars and the people inside them at higher risk of serious injury and even death. Motorists scrap their cars simply because their current vehicles don’t have the right safety rating or the protection they want.

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No One Wants It!

They say that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, but when it comes to cars, it’s not always the case. Not everyone wants a second-hand vehicle, especially one with engine or bodywork issues, is lagging behind in the safety ratings. And the thing they’ll hate the most is your asking price. When car owners fail to sell their vehicles, it just makes sense to junk them instead.

The Vehicle Was In An Accident

If a car has been in an accident, it’s common for the owner to have it junked. Even if the car isn’t written off, many drivers worry about the structural integrity of their vehicles after a crash, or even have a bad feeling about the vehicle and want to sell it on.

The Repairs Are Unaffordable

Simple maths dictates that if the repairs cost more than the price you’d get for junking your vehicle, then you’d better take the money and run. If drivers can’t afford the repairs then getting their car junked makes perfect sense. They get some money and they’re not lumbered with an undrivable and unfixable car.

You Need Money Now

Drivers who are looking for a cash boost often turn to their cars as a simple means to an end. Selling their cars traditionally takes time. Tire kickers and time wasters are often the biggest issues. Junking your car for a quick cash boost is one of the most common reasons people reach out to reputable junkyards.

Final thoughts…

Still not convinced? Research a reputable dealer for more information and the very best price.

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