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Things You Should Do After A Vehicular Accident

Have you ever been involved in a vehicular accident? If so, you know how frightening the whole experience can be. After getting injured in a tractor trailer accident or any other vehicular accident, you’re overwhelmed with emotions and experience shock. This can impact your decision-making ability.

However, you must remain calm and avoid impulsive actions.

Here are some of the things you need to do immediately after getting involved in a vehicular accident.

Check For Injuries

After being involved in a car accident or any vehicular accident, the first thing you need to do is check yourself and everyone else for injuries. This includes the passengers in your vehicle and those in the other vehicles involved in the accident. If anyone shows signs of serious injury, you should immediately contact a medical team. You should also not overlook minor injuries as this can also lead to hospitalization, treatment, and surgery.

Therefore, make sure to call a team of medical specialists if there’s someone who has sustained injuries.

Don’t Leave the Accident Scene 

Don’t leave the scene of the accident except for emergency medical treatment. If this is the case, you must use an ambulance. This is vital to avoid being charged for hit and run, and to ensure that there’s no confusion between the involved parties.

Alert The Police

Make sure to report the accident to the police regardless of how serious it is. Once the officers arrive, they’ll decide whether you should complete the report at the scene of the accident. This decision is usually based on the severity of the accident.

As you file the report, try and include even the most trivial details of the accident, while being entirely truthful. Make sure to also get yourself a copy of the police report because you’ll need it if the matter goes to court.

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Know All The Facts About Your Vehicular Accident

Getting involved in a vehicular accident is traumatizing. Nonetheless, you should always get the phone numbers, names, and addresses of everyone involved in the accident. You also need to note the vehicle identification number and the kind of vehicle involved in the accident. This is vital since these are the two details used by many insurance companies. With that said, ensure you also note the vehicle’s license plate number, the insurance company details, and the vehicle’s description.

Take Pictures

Another thing you must do after an accident is to take photos using your smartphone. This includes taking pictures of the driver’s license, insurance documents, registration papers, and the vehicle’s license plate number as a backup in case you wrote down something incorrectly or lose your notes. As you do this, also make sure to take photos of where the crash happened, the vehicles involved in the accident, different angles of the collision, and other useful details such as skid marks and road hazards.

Exchange Information

Always exchange useful information with the other party involved in the accident. This includes:

  • Full name and contact details
  • Location of the accident
  • Model, type, and color of the vehicles
  • The license plate number and driver’s license
  • Name of their insurance company and the policy number
  • Names and phone numbers of any witnesses

While exchanging this information, ensure to limit the conversation with the other party and never take responsibility for the accident. Instead, you should file a claim and leave it to the adjuster to decide whose mistake it was. These experts decide after inspecting the vehicles, the supporting documents, such as the pictures from the scene and police reports, and details given by the parties involved.

Notify Your Insurance Company

It’s best to contact your insurance company before you leave the scene of the accident. By doing this, you’ll be advised on what not to do, including signing any document your insurance company hasn’t reviewed or accepting liability for the accident. Furthermore, you’ll be guided on the process of filing a claim and the entire claim process.

Contact A Vehicle Accident Injury Attorney 

The insurance companies of the parties involved in the accident work together to try and establish who caused the accident and the financial liability of each party. While this is ideal, feel free to contact a car accident injury lawyer to advise you on the correct process of filing an insurance claim and to safeguard your rights.


There’s no doubt that getting involved in a vehicular accident leaves you confused, thereby making it harder to make an informed decision. However, if you follow the tips mentioned above, you can get prepared for the future course of action. By following the steps mentioned above, you’ll not face any challenges while filing your insurance claim, filing a court case, and getting back on the road as soon as possible.

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