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Tips For Proving You Weren’t At Fault For A Car Accident

So, you’ve been hit by another driver. You’re convinced you weren’t in the wrong. After all, you’re a diligent driver who always abides by the rules of the road and you never take risks. Are intersections dangerous? Click the link to find out the answer.

However, the other party is in your face, being aggressive and demanding that you take responsibility. They’re convinced they weren’t at fault, when in reality – you know otherwise.

What do you do? The last thing you want is for things to turn ugly, or get physical…maybe you should just admit to it to get them off your back, right? Wrong! Admitting fault is something you should never do at the scene of the accident – especially when it wasn’t you that caused it!

You need to focus on being able to prove that you weren’t to blame. In the heat of the moment, it might be difficult to get your thoughts together, so read on for some simple advice on how to prove you weren’t at fault for the car accident.

Remain Calm

A quick note, if the other driver is becoming aggressive, then it’s important not to retaliate and remain calm!

Call The Police

Failing to call the police after a crash is illegal, so make sure you make the call. Even if the other party doesn’t want you to! The police will take statements and put together an accident report which will be a culmination of their findings at the scene and it may indicate who was at fault for the crash.

Take Pictures And Videos!

If possible (if you’re injured get someone else to help you), take as many pictures as possible. Photograph your injuries, the damage to both vehicles and also any tyre marks on the road, the positioning of the vehicles, take note of the road and weather conditions. This kind of evidence can help prove your innocence.

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Other Video Footage

If you have a dashcam, then it may be able to prove the other drivers’ negligence. If there are other drivers around who have stopped, they may have video footage that you may be able to obtain. CCTV from nearby buildings or domestic security footage may also be in your favour.

Speak With Witnesses

Pedestrians, cyclists, other road users may be able to back up your claim of innocence. If they’re at the scene, make sure you get their contact details so you or your attorney can get in touch with them.

In Conclusion…

Although they may not want to admit fault, you should still speak with the other driver so you can obtain their details, for both insurance purposes and a personal injury claim. Don’t allow yourself to be convinced into sorting out the issue without contacting the police or getting insurance companies involved.

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