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Tips To Protect Your Car & Keep it Looking Fresh

There are lots of minor things that go wrong with cars – there’s a lot of components to deal with. Many of us need to spend a little more time and a little less money on maintaining them, and find smarter ways to protect them. Here are some tips you can do yourself with minimal costs to help Tips and keep it looking fresh.

Pool noodle

These swimming aids can be a very cheap way to prevent hitting your door on the garage wall. they might not be the most gracious design, but a black noodle doesn’t look too awful. They are extremely effective though, and only cost a few quid online. The reason why they’re more functional than other fixes is because they’re long (so you don’t have to be careful lining it up) and they’re very light, making them easy to be glued to the wall.


Toothpaste can be used in a variety of ways on a car to keep it clean. Its main utility is when scrubbing the headlights. It can clean foggy lights extremely well and let you light up more of the road. A bit of elbow grease can go a long way. It can also be used to rub out the scuffs from a car. Just rub the paste in and wipe it clean – if it doesn’t work perfectly, there’s no harm or risk in trying.

Super glue

Super glue is your friend. If you get a super glue that is useable with a wide variety of materials (rubber, metal, plastic and leather) then it essentially has the whole car covered. Any little wear and tears, particularly on the dashboard, doors and the hood ornament can be fixed with the strong stuff. This should be kept in the glove compartment at all times. Super gluing a small tear in the tire could be enough to get you home, too.


It’s a classic, but you just might have forgotten it. Plungers can fix small dents in the side of your car. This may not work on larger dents, but we’re all aware of how expensive even small dent fixes are at the garage. It’s best to give this one a go first before handing the car over. If it has worked for you, you can also fill in the scrapes afterwards with the right colour nail polish

Face east when parking

This may sound strange, but in icy climates it can make a huge difference. Parking the car facing east can significantly increase the temperature on the windshield as the sun rises in the east. This will help save a lot of energy when scraping the ice off. The reverse logic can be used in hot climates. Facing west may reduce the temperature in the car as the rear window is a lot smaller, and easy to cover.

Most of the above tips include household items that we already own, and using them can help minimise the amount we spend on our car maintenance.

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