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Top Powder Coating Colorado Springs Pros For Auto Fans

Powder coating is one great way for auto enthusiasts to protect their cars. Not only is it good for making the vehicle extra durable, but it also gives a beautiful finish to the metal parts of your auto. But, to achieve such, you may need to use the right powder.

However, before you dive into such a modification, you must first understand how powder coating works and its benefits.

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Powder Coating Application

Usually, locals let Powder Coating Colorado Springs experts do wonders for their cars. Generally, powder coating uses a compressed air sprayer, a spray gun, or other highly specialized equipment to infuse the powder into a grounded metallic part via an electrostatic charge.

Then, the parts infused with powder will undergo a curing process. In this part, the use of industrial ovens or kiln and heat are vital. For about 10 to 15 minutes, the oven with a temperature ranging from 175° to 190° C will heat the auto part. This way, the powder melts, flows, and adheres to the metal surface evenly.

Although various powders require different curing processes, the last and usual step is cooling down the product. At room temperature, the auto part with powder coating should be left to cool down for a few hours.

Benefits Of Powder Coating

Now that you’re familiar with the powder coating process, it’s also best to know the reasons why you should give Colorado Springs Powder Coating a try.

Here are some of these benefits of powder coating you might not even be aware of:

  • As time passes by, you’ll realize that the cost of powder coating is cheaper compared with that of traditional painting. Through powder painting, you wouldn’t have to redo it after some time because you can use scratch-free powder and, most importantly, it lasts for years. Unlike traditional painting, you might have to repaint your auto every now and then. In the end, after initially thinking you’re going to spend less, you’re going to be shelling out more and more money due to the constant repainting your vehicle needs to undergo.

  • When it comes to resilience, powder coating is the answer. It can protect your auto parts, especially the rims, from abuse, abrasions, blemishes, and chips. Because of the impact-resistant quality of powder coating, you’ll be able to protect your car in the best way possible.

  • Another advantage of using powder coating is that you’re not missing a single spot. Since powder settles on metals well, you can reach even the most inaccessible parts of your rims. As a result, you can provide total coverage for your car.

  • What’s more exciting is that you can apply powder coating on various car materials. Be it a highly specialized material, steel, aluminum, or other types of metals, powder coating can be effectively and easily applied.

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Types Of Powder Coating

Powder coating’s fame, especially amongst car enthusiasts, stems from its ability to give a  luxurious finishing to people’s cars. However, specific auto parts need specific powders, so you should be able to determine what type of powder you should be employing on your vehicle.

Here are some popular kinds of powder:

  • Epoxy – Although epoxy powder coating is one of the first ones to appear in the industry of powder coating, it still remains to be one of the most popular types even to these days. Epoxy is a hardening agent that resists chemicals, which may cause surfaces to corrode or wear out. However, it isn’t suitable for outdoor parts because it can’t protect your car from UV rays. That’s why it’s best when used on fuel tanks and other car parts that are usually hidden and unexposed.

  • Polyester – With outdoor car parts, this type of powder coating can be perfect. It’s because of its outdoor durability aside from its wear resistance. There are two types of polyester powder, namely urethane and TGIC. Polyester urethane is for film applications thinner than three mils, while TGIC polyester is for applications thicker than three mils. Moreover, TGIC polyester is best for extruded and cast parts, while polyester urethane is best for lead-based parts.

  • Epoxy-Polyester Powder Coating – With this hybrid type of powder coating, it can protect your car parts from corrosion. However, similar to epoxy powder coating, you can’t use it for outdoor parts due to its low-resistance to UV rays. But, when it comes to the application process, epoxy-polyester hybrid coating powder is much easier. Moreover, it’s a cheaper way to provide chemical and physical strength to your car parts.

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve already gained considerable knowledge about the process of powder coating, you can now choose the best powder coating provider in Colorado Springs. Powder coating does not only protect your car from wear and tear, it also gives your vehicle an aesthetically pleasing finish. In order to maximize the effectivity of powder coating, you need to pick the right type of powder.

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