Toyota Auris, Still The Best Budget Hybrid On The Market?

The Hybrid car market has seen phenomenal growth in the past few years. Even though there are only about 4 million hybrid cars on the road, their popularity is steadily increasing. Environmentalists may one day get their dream that everyone on the road will be driving some form of an electric car. One of the roadblocks in front of this idea is the cost of the typical hybrid. They can range from eight thousand to over one hundred thousand. Usually, the hybrids at the lower end of that scale have quality issues. However, there have been some notable exceptions, and one of them is the Toyota Auris. The Toyota Auris has proved to be a fantastic hybrid for motorists buying on a budget. Yet, the question needs to be asked. With the hybrid market steadily increasing, is it still the best eco-efficient car for your money?

Contemporary Style

Some people say that the Toyota Auris does not have a very exciting design. We’re not sure this is true. The latest generation does look quite modern with curved features and a bonnet that cuts into the air. While we do think that money has been saved by not being too creative, it is certainly not an ugly car. There are plenty of hybrids that look as though they have been ripped straight from the factory floor. This is not one of them.

Excellent Reliability

An early worry about hybrids was the issue of refuelling and recharging. When hybrids were first introduced to the market, it could take hours for them to fully refuel. The Toyota Auris has never had this problem. It has always been an incredibly reliable car and with each new generation, they have become more dependable. Recharging the Auris takes less than an hour, and you are unlikely to ever suffer a breakdown. It has been brilliantly made to a standard of high quality that breaks the mould of the typical value hybrid.

Initial Cost

As we have already said, hybrids vary wildly in price. This one can still be considered a budget option with new models starting at 15,000. You can pick up a Currie Motors Toyota Auris pre-owned from just 8,000. This might be the best option as another advantage of this car is that it ages remarkably well. Unlike typical petrol cars, it is unlikely that the high-tech engine will have any issues, even after being with a couple of different owners.

Save Pennies On Fuel

One of the biggest benefits of buying a hybrid is that you won’t be wasting a lot of money on fuel. It cannot be denied that hybrids have a brilliant track record for efficiency. The Auris continues to take this one step further with a green car that is remarkably close to having zero carbon emissions. It will last for hours and hundreds of miles without you ever having to stop for a recharge. Compared to other competitors on the market, it still comes out on top when you look at how expensive the car is to run

To conclude then, we think the Toyota Auris is still the cream of the crop even compared to hybrids with more innovative designs.

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