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Tyres And You: All The Essentials You Need To Know

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Cars have changed immeasurably in the last few decades. They now feature Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), smart LED lights that dim automatically, higher-quality upholstery and interior materials, the list goes on and on.

Some fundamental things remain the same, however, one of which is that your car still rolls on four rubber tyres. While the quality of rubber, tread designs and other features have been updated to meet the challenges of the modern-day, there are still many things that drivers should always have been aware of with their tyres that they may not be. In this article, we will share with you eight crucial things that every driver should know about their tyres.

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1. An All-Season Tyre Might Not Be Good For All Seasons

So-called “all-season” tyres are only true to their name when the weather is temperate and never reaching extremes throughout the year. If you live in a location with frequent heavy snow or serious ice, and/or where the temperature drops below 7-8 degrees Celsius, then you should look into winter tyres for those months. They offer better traction, and the materials are specially designed to work in low temperatures.

2. Always Keep One Eye On Your Tyre’s Tread

The depth of your tyres’ tread will indicate how safe they are. The deeper the tread, the better. The legal limit on tread is 1.6mm in a continuous loop around the tyre. Don’t worry, you don’t need a ruler to check, you can just use a 20p coin instead. Place a 20p coin in the groove of your tyres and if the whole outer rim of the coin is obscured in the groove, then you’re okay. If you can still see the outer rim, then you need to arrange a change. If you notice more wear on one than others, then consider a rotation of your tyres to even it out.

3. Don’t Forget The Valve Stem

This tiny but crucial item sits atop the air valve, keeping out moisture and contaminants. Make sure your valve stem is securely fastened on and is free of any corrosion or other signs of damage.

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4. Keep Tyre Pressure At The Recommended Level

You can find the recommended tyre pressure either by consulting the car’s manual, asking the dealership where you bought the car, or your mechanic. Always keep tyre pressure at the recommended level. Don’t think that a higher pressure is better. Over-inflating can be as dangerous as underinflating because it reduces traction.

5. The Temperature Impacts Your Tyre In Ways You Might Not Know

Both hot and cold temperatures affect the rubber of your tyres. Hot weather can make it crack, cold or dropping temperatures will reduce the overall pressure in the tyre, so when the temperatures are at their extreme points in the year (presumably winter and summer) pay a bit of extra attention to your tyres.

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6. Check With A Mechanic About Which Tyres Are Right For You

If you’re thinking of a tyre change, then it’s a good idea to consult a professional before choosing any old tyres. Some are designed for performance, others for greater traction and safety. They also apply to different vehicle types, and come with different widths, heights, speed indexes and diameters. It’s best to know what type of tyre is best for your car and stick with that recommendation.

7. Road Tyres Are Not For Off-Roading

Your road tyres are designed specifically for use on paved road surface. To take them off-road is going against the grain of their design and therefore a highly unsafe idea. If you are interested in taking your car off-road for some special hobby, activity or adventure trip, then you should make sure that you have a set of off-road tyres designed to do the job of keeping you safe when trailing off-road.

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8. Regular Checks Will Keep You From Disaster

Besides all the above points, the key thing to remember is checking on your tyres regularly. Many of the newest cars on the market come with systems that will warn you if your tyre pressure, for example, is outside of the optimal parameters. Conduct a test with a coin at least once a month to make sure the tread is at a safe level, especially if you drive a lot each day. You should also arrange a tyre rotation every few months so that you can ensure even wear on your tyres. Talk to your mechanic if you are ever unsure about the status of your tyres. There are no daft questions when it comes to road safety.

And there you have it, the ultimate list of things to remember for essential tyre care. If you’ve checked your tyres and think you might be in need of assistance with getting new ones, then visit Tyres.net to find the best offers.

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