Understanding How Technology Impacted The Auto Industry 

Technology has been entering news headlines for quite some time now but only recently are we seeing it become more connected to auto industry than ever before. Are we looking at a drastically changed world of automobiles or is technology courting us before sweeping us off our feet and marrying us to it forever? To see where the future is going with this relationship, we need to understand how technology has impacted the auto industry. 

The Beginning 

Technology, cars, and fast wagers. We have seen the effect of technology of combining all of these; however a great example is Novibet the best payout casino. Many realize that technology has been in the manufacturing process of automobiles since early 1900. 

The Evolution of Automation

There have been some revolutionary adjustments to current cars. Power steering, ABS, rear camera and front cameras on cars to help with precision parking and precise driving. There is also the introduction of protective technology which deters criminals from attempted theft through alarm systems, snatch and grab glass and other such features. This kind of technology has enhanced our safety and security in cars, the newer models identifiable as safer cars and easily traceable, once again through tracking technology. 

The Future of  Technology in Automation 

There is already talk about self-driving vehicles. It would seem innovative car designers are already implementing the latest technology into their designs. Audi is amongst the top qualifiers to lay claim to innovative designing. Already there is a design with the capability to stop and go function, on its own. The technology used adapts to the environment around it and gauges when it is safe to go. The process takes approximately 30 seconds from stopping and absorbing its surroundings to going. The car also regulates its speed according to cars around it and can reach 0 to 155 mph. 

How is this possible? The design has been created with two radars in the front of the car and uses technology to judge the distance and then there is the adjustable functionality which allows the user to adjust how fast or slow the vehicle needs to run by itself. Being a new release and relatively new in terms of testing this technology, functionality and accuracy is somewhat limited. But the fact that it has been developed and needs adjusting means that in the not so distant future, we should be seeing a number of automobile developments released using state of the art technology. 

What Is To Be Expected 

From what we have witnessed so far, we can expect more functionality and control from a user experience. There may even be voice control as we have become familiar in-home automated systems. Another interesting aspect to fantasize about is hover crafts. This may even impact the automobile industry and pretty soon we will all be living in the Fifth Element with Brice Willis and Mila Jovovich, we just hope Audi will also be there along with Ferrari, Lamborghini and Aston Martin. 

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