ValetPRO Drop Top Cleaner and Protector

As the warmer months begin to draw an end, so comes the need to keep your convertible roof protected for the colder months!

ValetPRO are a market leader when it comes to automotive detailing. They recently sent us two convertible roof products, Drop Top Cleaner and Drop Top Protector, for review.

If you have a fabric roof on a convertible car then it is important to also clean and protect your roof just as much as you would it’s paint. Essentially you have a piece of cloth being subjected to the same harshness as the rest of your vehicle and if ignored could leave you with a tired, faded and even mouldy roof which will become susceptible to tearing and other kinds of damage. This ultimately will result in costly repairs or a replacement fabric roof.

Our test vehicle was fairly new but new doesn’t always mean clean. New vehicles can spend weeks or months in transit or sat in compounds awaiting pre-delivery inspections prior to sale. Enough time to accumulate a fair amount of dirt.


The only preparation required for cleaning is to pre-dampen the fabric roof. If the roof is medium to heavy soiled it would be advisable to clean the roof first before cleaning the rest of the vehicle. There may be some fall out from the roof that may end up on your paintwork. Our test vehicle was pre-washed with snow foam and then washed using a two bucket method.

Roof Cleaner

With a damp roof the roof cleaner was applied to the fabric. I used a soft bristle brush to agitate any dirt out of the fabric.

Once completed you’ll find yourself with a foamy looking roof ready for rinsing.

Thoroughly rinse the roof with a hose or pressure washer until the water runs completely clear again and you’ll be left with a clean roof.

Roof Protector

With the roof now clean the protector can now be applied. As per the application instructions the protector needs to be applied to a dampened roof.

The protector just needs to be sprayed across the fabric.

The most important step however comes with the curing process. The fabric roof will need to be left for 12 hours in a dry environment, such as a garage, to fully cure. It is well worth planning this stage of the process for dry weather periods if you don’t have access to some kind of sheltered parking.

Once cured you will find the fabric will repel water and your roof will now be protected!

The Verdict

The cleaner and protector combination will leave the roof looking factory fresh. The marks often seen in the folding areas will be significantly reduced and the overall colour will look even across the fabric. The protector provides important protection against moisture which ultimately will protect the roof from mould/mildew build-up in the roof which becomes difficult to remove. At £8 cleaner and £12 for the protector this is very good value for money. The products will not need frequent use and as such will last a long time. Perfect for your convertible or any other fabric based cover!

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