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Want To Save Some Money? Become A Safe Driver

A prevailing trend in the insurance industry is the big push to get everyone on board with being a “safe driver”. Insurance companies like Allstate and Progressive are offering their customer an opportunity to lower their monthly premiums by allowing the insurance company to install a GPS tracking device in the insured automobiles. These trackers monitor your vehicle speed, braking distance, vehicle placement, where, when and how often you travel. The tradeoff for the invasion of your privacy is a reduction in your insurance premiums of up to 40%. There are other less intrusive ways to save money and become a safe driver. Below are some tips from a car accident attorney that will help you become a safer driver and will save you money by avoiding accidents.

Safe Driving Starts Before Your Car Does

All to often, we climb in our vehicle to run an errand without giving due consideration to our mental state. If we are upset, distracted or otherwise mentally preoccupied with events in our lives we likely will be distracted when we climb behind the wheel. Whenever possible, we should try to resolve our issues prior to climbing behind the wheel.

Sequester Your Phone

Cellphones have saved many lives over the years due to their portability and by facilitating a means to quickly reach out for help from first responders. However, cell phones are a leading cause of distraction among drivers. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in 2017, there were 34,247 car crashes resulting in fatalities.  Distracted driving accounted for 9% of these accidents and 401 of these distracted driving fatalities were caused by a cell phone.

Respect The Weather

It is a rare day when the weather makes for perfect driving. When it is snowy, foggy, or raining, slow down. Visibility can become problematic when precipitation is in the air and on the surface of the roads. It can impair your ability to see others and their ability to see you.

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Pay Attention To The Road

Driver inattention is one of the leading factors cited on police reports. Pay attention to the road instead of looking at unimportant distractions. This will save your life. Look ahead and scan for obstacles or hazards and plan accordingly for how to deal with them when you encounter them.

Keep Your Car In Good Running Order

Preventive vehicle maintenance is the best way to avoid getting stranded and running up costly repair bills. Preventive vehicle maintenance is also a key factor in avoiding accidents. Broken or worn out windshield wipers, bald tires and bad brakes are major contributing factors to auto crashes that could have possibly been avoided.

Not Everyone Drives As Good As You Do

According to, there are an estimated 1.5 million drivers on the roads of Houston every day. Out of that 1.5 million estimated drivers, a significant portion will be distracted, sleepy, intoxicated or otherwise impaired. To avoid becoming a victim of someone else’s poor driving, learn to recognize unsafe driving patterns like drifting in and out of a lane or swerving for no apparent reason and avoid those drivers.

In Conclusion

There are many reasons why it pays to be a good driver and practice safe driving habits. The tips above have the potential to both save you money and save your life!

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