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Wearing Glasses Behind The Wheel: Facts Motorist Must Know

When we get behind the wheel, we do so with safety in mind. We put on our seatbelts, ensure any passengers are also strapped in, we check our mirrors and our surroundings, we don’t take risks and we drive conscientiously. Yet another crucial element of driving safety is our vision, and worryingly, it’s one we rarely think about.

Being able to see clearly is imperative behind the wheel. This goes without saying. But worryingly, a large number of motorists who need glasses to drive, often forget to put them on before they hit the road.

There are lots of reasons motorists who are required to wear glasses behind the wheel neglect to do so. Sometimes they just forget. Others believe they can manage just fine without them. Some drivers simply hate their glasses and avoid wearing them at all costs – you’ll find a wide range of eyewear including titanium glasses here, just click the link.

Here we’ll explore the importance of wearing glasses when you’re driving with some straightforward facts that every motorist should know.

Fact #1: You’re Breaking The Law

If you’re required to wear glasses whilst you’re driving and you don’t, then you’re breaking the law. It really is that simple. If you’re pulled over for a traffic violation or just for a random police check and you’re not wearing your glasses, you could be in serious legal trouble. Punishments for this kind of offence can vary, ranging from large fines to driving bans, points on your license and in some extreme cases, prison terms.

If you don’t want any marks on your driving or criminal record, just wear your glasses when you’re driving!

Fact #2: You’re Putting Other Motorists At Risk

Imagine being in a car accident that was caused by someone who should have been wearing glasses. You’d be both devastated and furious at their selfishness and stupidity. Imagine, if you were that driver. If you’re required to wear your glasses whilst driving, then failing to do so is putting other motorists at risk. Be a better driver and wear your glasses.

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Fact #3: You’re Probably Invalidating Your Insurance

As mentioned above, driving without glasses when you’re required to is illegal. This also means that driving without them could mean you’re invalidating your insurance. So, if you are caught up in a car accident – even one that wasn’t your fault – you could end up with no coverage and in a catastrophic financial situation.

Fact #4: Thinner Frames Are Better

If you feel that your area of vision is restricted whilst you’re driving, then you could benefit from thinner frames. Thick frames with thick arms could restrict your vision and make you feel uncomfortable whilst driving or result in you making a mistake. If you’re unhappy with your current frames, then get some new ones as soon as possible.

Final Thoughts…

If you want to avoid legal action against you, invalidating your insurance and putting yourself and other road users at risk, then always remember to wear your glasses behind the wheel!

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