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What Car Fans & Online Gamblers Can Look Forward In 2020

With the beginning of every New Year, car enthusiasts get a great sense of excitement in anticipation of the innovative changes they expect to see from the auto industry. From elite cars to the subcompacts, there’s always something new coming to market that inspires potential car buyers to start their quest for new cars that offer the latest and greatest technologies.

In recent years, that same level of excitement greets a whole generation of online gamblers who are looking for better games and better ways to access their favourite online gambling sites. It’s no coincidence that changes in mobile gambling technology has become the driving force behind the tremendous changes that are currently taking place in the online gambling industry.

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In the last five years, the number of new online gamblers coming to the marketplace has increase by as much as 10% year over year. Analysts now estimate that as much as 50% of all online gambling worldwide is being done with mobile devices (smartphones, tablets) that are compatible with the iOS and Android operating systems. That number figures to keep rising into the unforeseeable future due in large part to the increase in online gambling as an acceptable form of online adult entertainment. The industry is also seeing a significant rise in business in North America and Asia as more countries are moving forward to legalize such activities.

Innovations To Monitor In 2020

As the online gambling industry heads into a new year, there are three things online gambling enthusiasts can expect to see.

First, online casinos will continue offering more perks to draw in new players and appease the existing ones. The motivating factor for the prevalence of new ads offering free spins for new players is the intense competition that’s taking place within the industry. While one casino might be promising players they can stay lucky at this casino, there’s always a new online gambling site on the horizon offering even bigger and better incentives.

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Second, online gambling enthusiast can expect to see new innovations coming in the form of more exciting online video slots. Every year, top software developers like Netent and Microgaming are raising the bar one more level through innovation. Each and every new online slot that comes to market these days seems to bring with it more fun and exciting interactive bonus rounds to tantalize slot players.

Finally, the dawn of Virtual Reality (VR) technology for online gamblers has arrived. There are a number of new online casino sites offering the VR gambling experience popping up on the internet every month. Imagine for a moment putting on your favourite VR goggles, grabbing your favourite game controller and wondering around your favourite online casino as though you had just stepped into a fancy land based casino on the Riviera. That experience is available today.

Like the auto industry, things can change in a heartbeat. What we know for sure is 2020 is expected to be the best ever for both car enthusiasts and people who are looking forward to changes in the online gambling industry.

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