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Why Windshield Sun Shades Are A Good Idea

We’ve all experienced that horrific moment where we open our car door after being parked in the baking sun for several hours and feel that wave of extreme heat pouring out onto us. Even worse, we’ve been singed and burnt by the leather seats, seatbelt, dashboard or steering wheel which all seem to now be cooking before your very eyes. Fortunately for all of us, there is a simple, elegant and affordable solution to this problem – windshield sun shades.

A high-quality sun shade will block about 99% of the sun’s UV, and reflect the worst excesses of the heat away, leaving your car cooler and more of a pleasure to return to after sitting under the midday sun. You’ve likely seen other cars with the sun shades, but just why exactly are they such a good idea? Are they really necessary? Do they bring any more benefit than just lowering the inner temperature on hot days?

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The answer is yes, they do. Here are some compelling reasons to get yourself windshield sun shades.

Reason 1: Protect Your Upholstery

When you’ve spent good money getting the best-possible upholstery in your car, it’s a dreadful thing to have it discolored or cracked by the harmful UV rays of the sun. Yes, over time (and not as much as you might think), the sun’s rays will do damage to that valuable upholstery, affecting the look, feel and even the resale value of your car. A sun shade will help to prevent this damage.

Reason 2: Protect Your Dash

It’s not just the leather and upholstery that gets it from the UV rays. The dash, too, is vulnerable to discoloration and, cracking and even damage to the electrical components housed within it. Extreme heat and electrics seriously don’t mix. Your windshield sun shades will keep the dash in all its original glory, as well as keep the electrics from being fried.

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Reason 3: It Can Save You Money

What’s your normal reaction to getting into that hot car? If you’re like anyone else, you’ll start up the car and crank up the a/c to get it back to normal as quickly as possible. As you likely know, blasting the a/c guzzles more gas, and so using a windshield sun shade to prevent that heat up means that over time you use your air conditioning less, thus saving gas and saving money.

Who knew that a simple accessory like a sun shade could do so much for you? Start reaping the benefits by getting your own windshield sun shade today.

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