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The Recreation Ferrari 250 GT: Is It Really Worth it?

Some things in life that aren’t the real McCoy aren’t always as enticing as the real thing. For example, would you rather have proper Mini Cheddars or own brand? Would you rather have Reebok trainers or some ‘Ador’ (yes, that’s a real thing) trainers from a market stall? Of course, you’d want the real thing. But what about a recreation Ferrari 250 GT? I thought as much. Barons will be offering said car at its auction sale on June the 13th.

As Good As The Real Thing?

Okay, I do need to admit something. This particular homage is based on a 1997 BMW Z3 M Sport. But thankfully it’s better looking. The wheelbase is the same but as you can see, it has the appropriate styling that is so well finished, even Scaglietti would need look twice. Granted, it does not have the same engine as the original car. But it does have the unit from an E36 M3, meaning it has more power and it’s more reliable. It does however, have a trick exhaust system which costs £4,000 that is able to offer some V12 notes.

As well as a modern engine, the Ferrari 250 GT recreation includes electric windows and heated seats which are accessible under the ashtray in the centre console. So, you can enjoy the Ferrari look but with some modern day creature comforts. The seats themselves match the original ones, as do the steering wheel and switch gear. The period radio has been specially designed by a German company called Becker and pulls down to reveal the air conditioning functions. Once again adding modern conveniences.

The estimate for this German love letter to Ferrari is £70,000-£100,000. Yes that is a fair chunk, but it’s an absolute bargain compared to the real thing, which will set you back a fair few million. So then, would you drive around in this, or do you think this is one replica so far?

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