Is Peddle Legit

Is Peddle Legit? – Everything You Need To Know About Peddle

So, you have probably been looking for a way to get rid of your old car? You saw a peddle ad and you are asking yourself is Peddle legit? Are they a trustworthy company, or are they scammers that will take your car and not pay?

Let me tell you if you want to get rid of your car, Peddle is one of the options. Because not every company wants to buy junk cars. Most of the companies that buy used vehicles are looking for well-maintained cars. Cars that still have some value in them and they want to use these cars in order to resell them.

But not Peddle, as they claim, they will buy almost anything from you. No matter how beat up your car is. But that puts a small amount of doubt on your mind if they are a real company, is Peddle legit?

Well, we will discuss that in this article and more. We will learn what Peddle is, and then we will see how they are doing their business and we will learn all of the steps that are involved in selling a car to Peddle.

In the end, we are also going to take a look at some alternative ways of selling your car. Also, we are going to share some of the best tips when selling a car, in order to get the most out of it. So, if you are interested, follow along till the end. Because there will be a lot to cover!

What Is Peddle?

Peddle is a website where you can sell your old car. What makes Peddle so special? Well, they claim that they would buy anything that has four wheels.

As they claim, it doesn’t matter the shape of the car at all, you just sell them the car. After a day or two, they will be at your door and will pick up the car.

Is Peddle Legit

This is very hard to believe at first and many people are asking themselves the question, is Peddle legit? They are a legit company. Everything in their business is legitimate and their service is as described on their website.

Peddle Makes Selling Your Car Simple

Peddle is a good option if you want to save some money and time. Whenever you decide to sell a car, you first need to make a posting and then publish it on a local sales website, Craigslist, eBay, or other places that are dealing with buying and selling cars.

But not with Peddle, with Peddle you will not face the same frustrations when you are negotiating with people. No haggling at all. Haggling is basically the process of buying or selling for a better price. Everyone wants to get a deal for cheap. So, if you don’t like hagglers, Peddle is the right choice for you. Because with Peddle, you get the offer right away.

Peddle claims that they have bought a total amount of cars worth 25 million dollars and they are buying thousands of cars across the US, each month. Everything you need is access to the internet and a Peddle account.

Is Peddle Like CarMax?

We can say that they are pretty much alike, but CarMax is a bit different than Peddle. With CarMax you need to take your car to one of their locations in order for it to be inspected. They will thoroughly inspect every corner of your car and then will give you an offer based on that.

With CarMax there is still a process and that is taking your car to their location. And what if your car doesn’t run? You could try to sell to them. However, their offers are very low if the car is in a bad condition. Some people are having issues even if their cars are in perfect condition.

There are plenty of videos out there where people are taking their cars to CarMax for inspection. And most of them get disappointed from their offers. They usually get a bellow market value for a good and serviced vehicle, and for some people that is not acceptable.

With Peddle on the other hand, you don’t have to be at their location. You sell your car to Peddle right from your computer. And then they make an appointment to come and pick up your vehicle. Really simple process. Peddle is good if you have a car that doesn’t run and you want to get rid of it right away with no complications. That’s why Peddle is legit and is doing its job perfectly.

There are a ton of happy customers out there, and some of these experiences we are going to share in this article. Just for you to know that Peddle means business.

Peddle Car Selling Process

In this section, we are going to describe the whole process of selling your car to Peddle. We are doing this to clear up some things, so you will not keep asking yourself is Peddle legit? Everything you need to know from start to finish will be here and you don’t want to miss it.

Step 1

Go to Or just google it and it will be one of the first results that will appear. Open up the website.

Step 2

After you open Peddle website you will have a button that says “Get an Offer”. Click on the button.

Step 3

After you clicked on the “Get an Offer” button, a form will open for you, and here you will need to insert all the necessary data in order to get an offer from Peddle.

Step 4

Go through the form. The first thing you need to do is to insert the production year of the vehicle, the make, and the model. This is important and this information needs to be correct. You also have the option to search by VIN. This is probably the easiest way to get an offer since the VIN is unique only to your car.

Step 5

Step 5 includes some questions that Peddle will ask you about the condition of the vehicle. Some of these questions include, is this car in running and driving condition? Does it have any damage to the body? The condition of the interior? Is it a flood car? What type of title does it have? And more.

Make sure that you answer these questions correctly and don’t lie to them. Because when they will come and get the car, they will check it out if its really that car that you described.

Step 6

Step 6 is simple. After you finish the online form, you will get an instant offer from Peddle. And depends on you if you want to accept the offer and take their money for your car. Since on Peddle are sold mostly damaged cars you cannot expect a lot to be honest. But maybe you will be lucky, you never know.

If you accept their offer you fill-up the form, send them your info with your address.

Step 7

After a few days, Peddle will call you and will arrange the collection. They will pick up the car and pay you the money. Easy peasy. Then you can live your life with no more car headaches.

This is a fairly simple process to get rid of a vehicle. Especially if it’s a beater that you want to sell or some other damaged vehicle. You don’t have to waste your time. Just get an offer and get rid of your car.

Just take a note that you need to have your VIN and your title because you cannot sell a car without a title in most of the states. Some states are accepting a bill of sale but not every state does this. So, when you plan to sell your car, please get more informed about the selling process and its positives and negatives.

Peddle User Reviews

Like every business, Peddle has some user reviews. On Trust Pilot they have 4.8 stars out of 5. And that is data gathered from 73,000 users of the site that have left a review on Peddle. So, if you are asking if peddle is legit, you can check out online sites that have reviews at certain companies such as Peddle, and people over there are sharing their experiences.

In this article, we are going to share some of the experiences that some customers had with Peddle. Some of them are positive and some of them are negative. Just for you to have some perception on what to expect from Peddle. But remember they have 4.8 stars overall, which in other words is an excellent experience.

Positive Experiences

One customer said that he was very pleased with the services. He reported that the overall communication with the driver was excellent and fast. He also added that he was extremely happy that there is a company like this that allows you to sell your vehicle so simply.

Another customer has praised the online site and its simplicity of use. Everything was laid up correctly and the site leads you through the whole process to get an offer on your car. He also praised the communication and the overall speed of the deal that was concluded in less than 2 days.

There were also customers that were extremely happy with the offer they got. They expected less but in the end, they got a lot more from Peddle. They reported that they would recommend this service to their friends and family.

Negative Experiences

Some customers had a bad experience with their dispatch system. The driver has got the wrong telephone number from the dispatcher and the driver went to the wrong place. And this went on for a few days until things got resolved. Some people are just unlucky and things like this can happen when you are selling a car. Remember that they are buying thousands of cars each month and mistakes can occur. Especially if there was some inexperienced dispatcher.

Another customer had trouble with the scheduled pick-up as well. Peddle missed the pickup at the vehicle at the agreed time and they rescheduled it for two weeks later, but the tow driver showed earlier. The customer had some comments on the communication with the company and I completely understand him. Still, there are some situations like this. This also depends much on the dispatcher that is taking this order and also the driver. Some drivers are more communicative and professional than others.

These reports tell a lot about Peddle and answer all of the questions like is Peddle legit? There is a lot of proof for Pebble’s business of buying cars online. You can just search “Pebble Reviews” and you will get a ton of feedback that is left from the customers during these long years of Pebble is on the market buying cars.

I know that sometimes is hard to sell a car and sites like these are offering people a simple way to get rid of their car, but there are also some alternatives for people that want to be more engaged in the selling process and we are going to discuss them in the process.

Peddle Alternatives

If you don’t want to use Peddle for a particular reason and maybe you are asking yourself is Peddle legit? There might be some alternatives for you to consider. They are not that simple as Peddle during the whole selling process but they are worth considering. Especially if you want to sell your car right away and don’t want to bother with making postings on eBay or Craigslist.


The first thing that comes to your mind when you are thinking of selling a car without any hassle is CarMax. They offer a great service for people that intend to sell their vehicle to them.

You just need to take your car to one of their locations and they will give you an estimate. They will inspect your car in detail and make you an offer. It’s like a Peddle, but you need to be present there. The process is simple overall. Good if you are having an old car that is in fair condition. They are probably going to offer you a good deal on it.

If you are trying to sell an exotic to CarMax, don’t do it. Because they will probably give you an offer that is too low for your expectations. These cars are going up in value, but CarMax doesn’t value them a lot.

Local Car Dealership

You can also consider selling your car to a local car dealership. There are plenty of dealerships in your town. Some of them are selling a used car, so check them out and see what they offer.

They have some good offers, especially if you are planning to get a new car from their lot. In this case, they will happily take your old car and will offer you some compensation for it. The rest of the cash you need to add from your pocket.

This way is probably one of the best ways to get rid of your vehicle. Because the offers are not that low as you would sell only your car to a dealership. They want to sell their new cars and this is probably the way to go. By getting a new car you will get at least 5 years of carefree driving and also other benefits that come with owning a new vehicle.

Other Ways To Sell An Old Car

There are also other ways to sell a car. But these are requiring some energy to be put into for you to get a buyer. This way is also more profitable than the ones mentioned above. Because you are selling your car directly to the buyer. There is no third party, or selling a car to resellers. With resellers, you are never going to get good money for a car, to be honest. With resellers, you can get the cheapest offer out there.

How you could make a profit from a car is by listing your car on a sale website. You need to list your car on a sale site like Craigslist, eBay. There are also a ton of local sites specific to your area so you don’t need to sell your cars to people from other states. But if you want to get the right offer you need to prepare yourself and your car. And how, we are going to discuss in the next chapter.

How To Prepare Your Car Before Selling?

Preparing your car before the sale is a key thing to do. Making your car look good will ensure that you get a good offer on it. A good-looking car will maximize your sale. So, how you can achieve that? Well, let’s discuss the steps involved in this process of selling your car to a marketplace.

Give It A Good Detail

A good detail will take your car to the next level. Nobody likes an ugly car to buy, to be honest. Everyone is looking for the best-looking car there is on the market. So, if you want to sell your car you have to get it detailed.

You can pay someone to do this or you can do this by yourself. It doesn’t matter. If you do it by yourself, you will earn more from the selling price. Or if you let someone else, do it you will learn more about how to detail cars.

Just get a polishing compound and polish your car. To do this you will need a buffer. These buffers are relatively inexpensive tools and you can get them at any hardware store. Buff out the car really well and make it look brand new.

Clean up the interior. A good interior is a good idea. Get a vacuum and get the dirt out of the carpet. Give it a nice scrub with soapy water to clean the contaminants and then go with the vacuum cleaner again to get everything out.

You can also fix some minor wear and tear stuff like the wheel or the seats. This will boost the resale value a lot.

Fix the Mechanicals

Fix the mechanical issues, this is an important step to do in order to sell your car. If your car is not mechanically good you will get a lot less money.

Is Peddle Legit

Make sure that the engine runs properly, change the fluids. The fluids are one of the first things the customer will see. Do a brake job, replace the discs and pads. Make sure that everything is nice and proper.

Take Good Pictures

Pictures matter, take lots of pictures that will make the car pop. If you get bad pictures, you will never get phone calls. Check the other postings and see how people are photographing their cars. Make sure that looks good, the lighting is ok, etc. You will thank me later for this one.

Make A Good And Extensive Post

When you post the sale ad, make sure that you make an extensive post. Give a lot of detail that people want to read and get informed. But also, don’t lie in the process. When they come to see the car, they will see what you did. Make sure also that is nice and tidy. Give the impression that you know every corner of the car.


In this article we discussed is peddle legit, so when you are looking online for “is Peddle legit” to know that it is. They are a reputable company that buys cars that people want to get rid of.

We covered the application process in great detail and we also covered all the steps needed in order to get your car sold to Pebble. We also shared some reviews of Pebble shared on some outside sites.

At the end we also shared some other options you may consider when selling your car, and how to prepare your vehicle for sale. If you want to make some cash from your car you need to make it as presentable as possible.

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