Lewis Hamilton vs Ken Block

You know what I love about Top Gear, they give answers to the fantasful questions that little children dream up in the playground. Questions like, what’s quicker, a rally car or a Formula 1 car? But not only that, Top Gear go further by answering who’s quicker, current F1 championship leader Lewis Hamilton, or rally nutterist Ken Block?

Lewis Hamilton vs Ken Block

Last weekend, thanks to the Top Gear festival in Barbados, naturally, we got to see exactly that. Ken Block in his rallycross Ford Fiesta vs Lewis Hamilton in last year’s V8 powered Mercedes F1 car. In numbers this means a 650bhp Fiesta that can get to 60 in 2 seconds against a screaming F1 car with around 750bhp capable of 0-60 in 2.6 seconds. Enjoy the video, but be warned, prepare to feel very jealous towards all the people who were there.

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