VW Announce New T-Cross Launch for Spring 2019

Volkswagen are preparing for the launch of their new compact SUV, the T-Cross, which will be unveiled in Spring 2019 with a focus on the slogan “I am more.”

Volkswagen have created four other slogans to market their newest original vehicle, namely; “I am practical”, “I am cool”, “I am intuitive”, and “I am safe”. Each of which will be accompanied by an advert explaining the various functions of the T-Cross. You can watch the “I am cool” video below…

T-Cross Design Features

The T-Cross is a prime example of the urban-focused, aggressive styling which Volkswagen have been pushing lately to compete with other Germany luxury brands such as BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

The front fascia is dominated by a large radiator grille, accompanied by thin headlights with daytime running LEDs which are seamlessly integrated into the design. The front end bears a striking resemblance to the current generation of Touareg and Tiguan.


The aggressively styled front is dominated by air intakes.

To further emphasise the new urban design focus the T-Cross will be available in a selection of ‘bi-colour’ (or two-tone) paint options at launch next year.

Unique Interior Design Process

The interior was designed using virtual reality headsets, a first for the Volkswagen design team, which they claim in a recent press release has helped to refine the ergonomics and ambience of the cabin.

The ambience of the interior was a big focus for VW.

Beats will provide the sound-system which will feature full smartphone support allowing buyers to link their AppleMusic or Spotify accounts with relative ease.

Volkswagen’s current philosophy of “we make the future real” is evident in the concept art featured in this article, and judging by the information given on their design methods the T-Cross will push the boundaries, in terms of both luxury and technology, within the compact SUV market.

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